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Personal // Konpeito

Ahhh I’m sorry I keep trying to make valentines stuff and keeping the babes :’) forgive me 

I do design previews in the discord, come hang out with us!
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TuxedoCatStuff's avatar
such a colorful beauty Oof
another great design like always! Im not surprised its so hard to let any go :y
Nestly's avatar
*smacks you with newspaper* >8( 

It is very fun though. You need to make it like a... hair stylist NPC or something hehe. 
plushlu's avatar
Love the colors for this one!
lesboys's avatar
Absolutely adore everything from the hair to the colors ❤️
bananamantis's avatar
;___; thank you!
Hugbell's avatar
ohoh this is a cutie~ love the colors =o
Sadbloom's avatar
OH MY GOD WHAT A DREAM? this has to be one of my favorite weaver designs aah
OwenStardust's avatar
I forgive you cause I do this ...pretty much always oaisdja
Haventide's avatar
oh my G O D if this bab had been a flatsale I would have 1. died and 2. spent all my money

what a stunning and aesthetically pleasing design~

Cherri-Crimzon's avatar
Rainbow La 
YukiPan's avatar
This reminds me of Easter Ffff. I love the bright pastels on the black and white!
Boshedagh's avatar
Um do you need a weaver or Lumi to join the server?

Lovin this rainbow bab btw. XD Especially the fluffy hair.
bananamantis's avatar
Nope anyone can join! 

Thank you <3
Boshedagh's avatar
Okay. I was just wondering. I've been in the server for a little while. But I get the feeling I can't see everything? I read the rules and registered.
bananamantis's avatar
 :0 if you're registered you should have access to everything! Did you get the password from the rules channel?
Boshedagh's avatar
Indeed I did! It seems to be worked out now though. Thank you so much deary. ;w;/
InkxInk's avatar
It seems you accidentally got skipped in the registration channel ;0; I'm so sorry about that! It's fixed, you should be able to see everything/post now!
Boshedagh's avatar
Aw it's all good. X3 I'm glad it worked out. I thought I was just going nuts or something XDDD Thank you very much <3
GentleLarke's avatar
Awe, such a beautiful Weave! Their fluff is A++ x v x
Kalylia's avatar
owlity's avatar
This character is so gorgeous! Love the colors!
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