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Snakes on Planes -- A Study

I discovered three things while making this:

1) I'm a total nerd.
2) My mind wanders to very stupid places during math and physics class.
3) Snakes are fun to draw.

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As an addendum, I thing it's awesome and cute and I quite enjoyed it.  It's just not very accurate wrt to math or science and I'm a bit of a stickler, if this were to be used as a teaching tool or as an example of science.
Not enough of a nerd.  Maybe spend more time listening in Math Class or just stick with art.  

#1 It's called and Inclined Plane not an Incline Plane

#2 A triangle, in a 2-D Cartesian Coordinate System, is NOT a Plane, it's just a triangle.  The entire 2-D space is the Plane.

#3  3-D plane is an Oxymoron.  A Plane by definition is 2-D.  You have simply drawn a 2-D plane in a 3-D space, and it's the same exact plane you should have drawn for your 2-D space.

#4  A 3-D Snake cannot be on (or in) a 2-D plane, as it has no third dimension.  Only a 2-D projection of said snake can be "on a plane."  So either a 2-D cartoon snake drawing or, more simply, just a squiggly line.  For a 3-D snake to be on a 3-D plane, the plane kinda needs to be an aeroplane instead as its the only 3-D plane of which I am familiar, other than an actual Inclined Plane, that you only drew in 2-D but is, in reality, 3-D and thus, a 3-D Plane.

Also, I highly suggest you read the book "Flatland", if it is science, math, physics, engineering et. al. (and not art) you wish to pursue 
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This is supposed to be funny. These are minor technicalities. You are being rude. And the last one is supposed to be a plain in the conventional sense.
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haha 1 & 2 I share with you! And, what about snakes on an airplane?;) imagine some aerobatic maneuvers...
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Not Pictured:
Snakes on the Complex Plane
Snakes on Every Plane
Planes on a Snake
Planes on Every Snake
Every Plane on a Snake
Every Snake on a Plane
Independent invention, or did you read brown sharpie some years ago and forgot about it ?
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This is utterly adorable.
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Such acute joke.

...Get it? Acute? *ba-dum-tsss*
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This was linked on: [link] :)
This picture blows. The "3-dimensional" plane is in cartesian coordinates, and planes only exist in 2-dimensions anyway. 3 dimensions is space.
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Haha!  "This picture blows" he says.  What an intense thing to say before discussing your understanding of point linear perspective.  That's funny in the dorkiest, sitcom way.   
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Yes, but if you were to draw a 2D plane in 3D, you would draw it as above, the blue 'plane' being the plane.
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Nice, but the first picture is wrong. Ff should point in the opposite direction, up the plane! Maybe you should pay more attention in class!
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Ha! Those snakes are adorable.
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I'm gonna twitter this to Samuel L. Jackson if you don't mind.
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This needs to be a t-shirt
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Math, Snakes, and Snarky Puns.

I love this.
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Im a nerd too
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Its Ok. ima nerd with you!
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