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Pay to Use Wolf Lineart

I decided that I haven't posted any lineart in awhile and I wanted to make something worth buying ^^

What you get:
1 Photoshop file with multiple layers
1 Paint tool SAI file with layers
1 MS paint compatible file 
Layers of shade and colour are labelled and separate form the background layer for easy modification

You are free to edit but please don't claim it as your own
If you have to remove my name (to add wings or whatever) please credit me elsewhere
Please feel free to make point/money adopts using it ^^
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© 2015 - 2021 BananaFlavoredShroom
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Hello I loved your work, could you tell me what canvas size did you use and what thickness of lineart?
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Lovely lines! Used already 8D…

Adorable base hnnng <3
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Thank you :3

he's gorgeous!
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Bought and I love it~! *o*
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ayy i happen to absolutely love your style and im extremely picky about linearts tbh but something missing from rules are they allowed for adopts or no?
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Aw Thanks :3
Yes you are totally free to use it for whatever kind of adopts you like ^^
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cool thanks x3 i like to have a lineart to use for when i make simple refs for chars or when im redesigning old designs into new adopts and like im bored of almost all the free linearts i know of at this point xD
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Np ^^
yeah it can be handy 
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first ref using it lmao Jumperr by birdkinq
BananaFlavoredShroom's avatar
Awesome sauce ^^
Really crisp markings you got there
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yeah thanks to my habits of massive adopting i have characters with the most natural markings ever and then chars like jumperr with that xP
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Yeah I can see how that happens.
I rarely ever allow myself to adopt cos I rarely end up drawing them ;A; 
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I am just waiting on some points to get another base pack but when I get more I will def get this omg so cute
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BRUH. i have been like waiting in the shadows you for you to have a lineart for use. i like, love your style and will totally use this
tbh one thing that poeple also tend to do with linearts is have like extra things that you can add on to the lines if they're like special or smth. like, wings that you can drag on, different ears, tails, etc!! it's something to consider if you wanna make more linearts ^w^
(which i will gladly buy on the spot aha)
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heh XD
I've been contemplating making lineart for a while I just never sat down and did it XD
Yeah I know about the add ons it was just really late when I finished and I didn't feel like doing them :P
Thanks <3
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okie, you're welcome!!
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u and me share opinions of what deserves to be bought on the spot
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