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Phyr and Bi



ahhh been struggling to finish this since forever.

Collaboration I did with :iconlucaalverez:
We drew it together in open canvas and then I reinked it and colored it.

Coloring page here

^^ so feel free to color it if you like

Its been a real fight to finish it because I've had it half finished since forever but at some point I became really unsatisfied with how static the posing is, especially porphyrios. I have a much more active picture of them I'd like to finish some day haha.

Niobi is (c) =LucaAlverez
Porphyrios (c) =centi

ummm what else. Porphyrios, the purple haired one is mine. He's an alien with chameleon properties, though they're pretty useless since he changes with his mood rather than his surroundings. Quite literally wears his heart on his sleeve lol. Current colors are what his standard colors would be if he's not changing color. Some day he swears he's going to learn how to control it properly but right now its a rubbish trait ahaha.

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Ahhhhh you made Bi's hair look amazing. <3<3 I'd state more than that but I have such a limited amount of time but AH I JUST HAVE TO SAY AH!