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Hate Is Contageous FINISHED by BananAdopt Hate Is Contageous FINISHED by BananAdopt
EDIT!!!! For all the people trying to inform me that I drew a peace symbol for an illustration of hate. I shall now educate you.

1. yes the ORIGINAL symbol represented peace. It can be found over any number of buddhist temples and the such and looks like this. [link] is counterclockwise in its rotation...

2. I am very much aware hitler stole the symbol...but, he mirrored it as the nazi symbol. The mirrored version in this picture is the nazi symbol and rotates clockwise. Illustration: [link]

so not assume I had no idea this symbol was stolen, and please realize they are mirrors of each other.

end edit

"Hate Is Contageous. Its a disease that poisons and corrupts the soul. Innocence lost, our children are listening"

Thats is whats written over and over in the background. I want to let you all know that this is in no way intended to be a racially offensive artwork but rather intended to make a statement of how our hatred and ideals are passed ont our children.

posted in political since there isnt a current events section...I personally think this category should be socio political and not just political

I drew this after seeing an interview on television with a band named Prussian blue. It consists of two twin girls, very young, very innocent looking, with a soft sweet sound to their music, until you listen to the lyrics. Brought up by a white supremecist mother and grandfather the girls were raised to believe blacks were not human...therefore dont have souls the same as them...which is where the phrase on the girl's scarf "he died for me, not you" came from.

Watching these girls broke my heart to realize that two girls that look innocent on the outside are so corrupted by their caretakers ideals...and it made me want to cry.

The characters in this image are both to a degree intended to be children, and siblings, the boy older and farther along in his path to corruption, but the girl vastly unaware of the degree of wrongness in her holding such a doll in her hands. Spatterred with blood textures in the background to show that only pain and negative results come from such opinions.

I forget who I got the blood brushes from so I pre apologize for not properly crediting you. I hope at least a few of you actually read the description. Thank you.

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Der-Himmelstern Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017

1) Even the National Socialists used this as a benevolent symbol.
Assuming that they saw themselves as the "bad guys" is absurd,
and is essentially the product of anti-German propaganda.

The Swastika is only one of the numerous instances of Solar Wheel
symbols associated with Indo-European (popularly called Aryan)
culture. It was presumably brought to India (Vedic) peoples by a
race called the Aria (noble), following the description of the ancient
Indian texts themselves. These peoples are described in the Rig Veda
as having "hair like fire", recalling the blond and red hair of white
peoples. There are countless numbers of ancestral European
migration waves that are know to have settled in places like Egypt,
the Middle-East, Near-East, Norther India, Pakistan, Iran, and
some even went to the Taklamakan desert. Instances of Sun Wheel
symbols throughout European history are countless, assuming that
Hitler stole anything, is beyond ridiculous, but is unfortunately a
dangerous lie that is taught in schools because of political correctness.
     9th century Viking runestone with a swastika, to Odinism and Asatru:…
     Parun's (Slavic God) thunder symbol:…
     Kolovrat (Slavic Sunwheel):…
     Ancient Greek helmet with Swastika:…
     Ancient Greek 6th century BCE coin:…

Basically everywhere Aryans (Indo-European tribes) went, they
brought this symbol with them. That is why today we can find
Swastikas in ancient Greek, Roman, Slavic, and Nordic, archeological
sites, as well as cultural remnants in many countries which they
colonized in ancient times as Iran, Egypt, Northern Indian, and
even China and Japan among others.

2) Also the Hindu Swastika and the German one are both oriented
in the same direction.

One cannot blame the poor children and adolescents who are
being lied to in schools, but they should nonetheless make a
decent amount of research about the symbol before blindly
repeating what they are told, even if that implies basic reading
on Wikipedia:

As a side-note, people should also break another lie taught in
schools, namely that only blond blue-eyed peoples were
considered Aryan by the Third Reich's policies. See a map from
the Meyers Konversations-Lexikon Encyclopedia's map of
Aryan peoples
on a world map (used at the time of the Third Reich):……
MiChaLJEWgiRL Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!
specterfreakz Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you object to me getting someone to custom make the scarfs for personal wear? or the males t shirt?
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... considering the picture is supposed to be anti hate, but the characters themselves are supposed to portray said hate... I'd rather not have that message being worn about...
specterfreakz Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
darn, I really like that style of clothing, any chance you could redo the pic but in a friendlier way (aka non nazi related XD)?
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its not likely I'll redo the picture, but thank you for liking the designs. (maybe some day I will redraw a man in a similar outfit without the nazi relations)
specterfreakz Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome :D Thanks for taking it into critique and consideration ^_^
Aoigetsuhana Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2008
Amazing piece....
It's so sad what hates bringing us to now...I just visited the Holocaust meusuem last week...And it's just amazing that their could be so much hate in this world.
I just looked up the Prussian blue and I was disgusted...The first picture that comes when you look them up is them wearing shirts with a Hitler smiley face on it....It's just sick...
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah and terribly saddening. The world will never be free of hate but its good to be aware of it
Aoigetsuhana Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2008
KOOKYCHUKIRSTEN Featured By Owner May 28, 2008
we live in a sad, sad world
lasarousi Featured By Owner May 13, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
he,... i like this specially...

i love hating people, all the people. any-one
Silverbloodwing Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008
I love this, and what your trying to say is So true, thats really sad that those innocent twins are so corrupted. I will love this pic and its message till the End. I wish i could do something like this
RomanticFae Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i saw something on them a little while ago i just felt like throwing up especially since the mum had had another child maybe twowho she was singing all these icky songs to i just wanted to cover her ears so she couldnt hear any more hateful evil
i love this pick and the message in the background gives me chills
KillerLoli Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
I like how the brother character is resting his hand on her shoulder as if he is saying its okay to be this way and their right. The warm red tones are eye catching because they normally make you think of rage and hate which fits this image perfectly. In general I adore the character designs and the colouring is brilliant. I really think this is a clearly thought out piece of art and I liked the artist comments that went with it. If I was going to Critique something, it would be that maybe a less static pose might make the image more appealing, but I don’t think it really matters in the end. :love:
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no no I understand completely. I dont particularly like on how static my poses tend to be
KillerLoli Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
ack i feel bad mentioning it >_< it is a fantastic picture *rolls into a corner* lol
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no its really alright ^^ Dont feel bad
charly-d-squirrel Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2008
when i saw the pic i was like "aww, cute." thn when i read your description on it, ii was like ". . . wtf??.. thats horrible." all in all i still lik the picture an you gave it a good concept for it's making. and that is horrible to ever mold anyones mind into thinking such things such as that! All humans are created equaly no matter race, gender, disabilty, or mutations.
(sorry for errors in spelling.)
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its okay my spelling is atrocious
militaryclub Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2008
Hello! :wave:
We are a club interested in everything militar.
We would like to have your picture submitted in our club's gallery - you don't need to be a member for this... Although it would be great you have you enlisted in our army ;)
Please let us know your decision. It would give you for sure those extra pageviews you might need.

Thanks in advance,

BananAdopt Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry but I'd rather you not post my picture in your club thank you. My picture is not actually military related but more socio-political...anti hate
midwinternightmare Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008
"Hate Is Contageous. Its a disease that poisons and corrupts the soul. Innocence lost, our children are listening"

too true
hate ,anger and so on
Im an angry person I wont lie
theres just to much of it-hate thats is...'sigh'
very moving
Sganarelle77 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I needed this right now. I was looking for Nazi Chibis, just 'cause I saw a Chibi of the Nazi from "The Producers" once and I was looking for it again. I came upon a few Chibis. And then I found an entire subculture of Fake Neo-Nazis on here who either don't know that the fascists would probably consider them filth behind their backs or send them to camps for some reason or other. But what really hit me was when I saw that these were kids. a 17, 14, 16, I almost cried when I saw a girl who had painted a swastika on her stomach. Hate is a terrible thing...
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it really is. And its amazing how big the subculture really is. It makes me want to cry
foxgod Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008
/praise yaddayadda
I love this for ther message.. and for having a message. powerful and athestically pleasing =)
unworthygoddess Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I know the twin girls you're talking about. o.o I was amazed how innocent they looked. I think I saw them in some mag. Then I read what they sang. I was, like, "No way." O_o

Nice art, though. =D
cassattack Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2008
Wow. This piece is very moving, ever more so because I read the description.
Not only is the art fantastically created, gorgeous, but the message you're giving. Just stunning.
Anyway, I adore the piece.
Keep up the good work. =]
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks. Sadly a lot of people missed the message so I'm very happy when I hear people read it
Candy-Cupid Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007
I luv the art, the story connected is kinda of sad though...
RedAndBlackNight Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2007
Awesome!'Tis true,the quote that is.Love the pikature,thnks 4 sharing!Fave! :floating:
hte Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007
You know for school we were watching chindler's list and i was so pissed i almost killed the projector. I HATE HITLER THE SON OF A GUN AND THE FACT THAT THE GERMAN'S WERE STUPID ENOUGH TO BLAME IT ALL ON THE JEWS (no offense to german's now, I'm talking about the guys who were in the nazi) DEAR LIBARACHI MONEY IS EVIL I TELL YOU (like your picture btw do you know where i could find the twin girls song i want to listen to it) and instant fave :)
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dont really remember. The documantary was quite some time ago. You could probably just do a search of prussian blue
Iamonewiththecheese Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2007
Wow, that is just...sad and infuriating. Some people are just plain sick. When are they going to learn that they don't get to say who isn't a person. We're all of the same race, the human race. There are differences, but at base level everyone is the same...regardless of skin color and physical structure. Their mother and grandfather should be ashamed of themselves--if their hearts weren't so frozen. I'm sorry you had to see such a thing on the news, Centi. I don't think I would be able to see that without hitting the ceiling.

This kind of reminds me of an awesome quote from one of my favorite videogames ever: You criticize and attack people for their birth and upbringing - things they cannot change. It is you who are not human.
DonnaBarr Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2007  Professional General Artist
If those two girls had realized that the Prussian government encouraged non-German settlement of their eastern provinces, and supported religious freedom (or free for that time and place), they'd be running away from that word.

I'm pagan. I want my sacred cross back.

And this is a beautiful piece, just art-wise.
nominay13 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2007
cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
thexgoodxdoctor Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007
amazing. =D
KoyukitoriGirl Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this pic, You did a real good job on it, and I so totaly agree with what you said, Its wrong to juge others on there skin color, or religious background. Everyone is equil in Gods eye's so why cant we be equil in eachouthers eyes.... :D :D :D
shady015 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007
this peace of art is really cool.. i can't believe that black and red can make a goleden duo in arts...
Gure-nii Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2007
The girl is so innocent and adorable... To think she'll be raised by such believes...

Your description very good, and I hope more people will read it.
I saw the show of those twins too... It's just aweful!
thetrueunknown Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2007  Student General Artist
this very very good
Irino Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
It's a horrible thing... I hope this artwork at least can make a little difference, maybe some people get more aware of the problem.
I really like it. At first, I was like 'nice artwork!'
And then I looked closer and realized what it was all about... really interesting! :)
macho-broccoli Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2007
I feel dumb commenting, you probably don't read these. but I'll go for it anyways... this pic is real good. I liked it. ^_^
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I read all my comments ^^
macho-broccoli Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2007
that's cool. some good artists just... don't.
ChiuSai Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2007   General Artist
Ah!You are too good !arent they a couple?
they're very cute!
wel, i must warning you, if you come wach my art works...they aret good in anatomy,but by me they looks great...wel,i like them....
BananAdopt Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
please read the description before you ask me questions like if they are a couple...or just a comment like "they are cute" The picture has a meaning behind it you know
ChiuSai Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2007   General Artist
-.- oke!i understood,but my english is wery hoples...ya know!I'm sorry.wel the next time i read!^^
stil they are cute!
nagimahearts13 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2007   Writer
pretty pretty
Buxbaum666 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2007
It is actually wrong, that hitler just mirrored the swastika. Both the left-facing and the right facing swastika was/is used as a religious/luck symbol. The swastika you used looks more like an "old" swastika, not the nazi one.

But what the hell, I really like the intention of the picture.
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