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Winter Belle

I did Jasmine and thought I might do Belle as well (next up should be Ariel, methinks). Reference from this picture: [link] Completely free-hand, with tablet and Photoshop.

I really like how it turned out, although I still think there's something a bit off with her face. Ah well, I'm no Disney artist :D Took about four hours to do, I think.

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They should've brought a poet. :)
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She is just starting to realize...
Well done!
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defiantely a favorite screen shot!!!
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you're welcome!!
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OOH I love this movie and belle is one of my favorites princess!!
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Is Wonderful!! I love it!!
This is a good picture of Belle. Belle is a nice person and she is smart, and enjoys reading. She probably enjoys hanging around outside near the castle where the green grass, trees, and hills are. In the winter, she probably has her mind on activities that she can do in the snow, like making snow angels or a snowman.
Belle playing with her friend LeFou in the snow: "Peek a boo, I see you."
Laughing, LeFou runs out of his hiding place and Belle scoops him up in her arms, giving the cute little man a cuddle.
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Wow O.O this is amazing <3
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Thank you for all your kind comments :)
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You don't have to thank me. I just said my opinion.
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If Belle was real .. I think she is a very beautiful woman!:D..

I also think that she is the pretty'est princess of the disney princesses:heart:

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I'm sure she would :D
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I adore that scene!
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this is stunning
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ah! this is my fav scene of th entire movie! i luv it she looks so beautiful!
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