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The Winter Legacy: The Dream

This is concept art for my original novel The Winter Legacy: Awakening. This is for a specific scene in chapter fifteen. You can read the story
... at my website: [link] FictionPress: [link]

It is a fantasy story, but set in present time California - it has magic and friendship, tragedy and fun. Go read! ;)

Other The Winter Legacy art: [link]

Spoilers below

Part of the scene

The girl looked around. “I’m waiting for my mommy.”

Natalie’s heart broke at the child’s words. Cecily at four years old looked so sweet and innocent that she just wanted to scoop her up into her arms and protect her from everything bad in the world.

“Can I wait with you?” Natalie asked.

The child bit her lip and nodded, looking uncertainly at Natalie.

Natalie sat down. She stayed an arm length from the child despite wanting to hold her much closer.

They sat in silence together. Natalie studied Cecily’s young form, smiling slightly. She had been an adorable little girl. Cecily studied Natalie back, pale tears making their way down her cheeks from wise eyes.

When a light suddenly appeared behind Natalie, both the child and Natalie noticed immediately. It was hard to do anything but, with everything else still pitch black.

“Mommy!” cried the small child and stood up and rushed towards the light.

The light in the distance was tall and had the shape of a woman but there was something more, surrounding her. Unlike Natalie and Cecily, the female form emitted a warm glow, so bright Natalie could not make out the face or features, but merely the shape of her body.

The child threw herself in the arms of the light form and they disappeared, as suddenly as the female form had appeared. Natalie sat alone once more.
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That's really cute!
This chapter rocks! Except that I didn't really understand what happened...
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*g* You're not supposed to understand :D It's a dream! ;) Glad you liked it though!