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The Winter Legacy: Holding on

This is concept art for my original novel The Winter Legacy: Awakening. This is for a specific scene in chapter fifteen (though it's not spoilerific really, so I've had it as a picture on my website for a while).

A fantasy story set in the real world of present day California, about a girl who finds out that magic exists...

You can read the story
... at my website: [link] FictionPress: [link]

The picture was drawn by hand and colored in Photoshop. I did it a while ago, so my skills weren't quite at the level that they are now :)

Spoiler below

Part of the scene

She reached out and grabbed Cecily’s hand in her own. The moment she did, blinding, white-hot light surrounded them. Natalie’s eyes stayed trained on Cecily, nothing but Cecily, even as her eyes watered and she wanted nothing but to close them. A roaring wind built around them, deafening. Sensations unlike anything else ran through Natalie’s body—
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That drawing is really amazing!! Even better than the others I think!!
The faces are really expressive, particularly Cecily's.
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Tihi, thanks. I'm quite happy with it :D :hug: