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A scene from my original novel The Winter Legacy: Awakening, the first book in a series about Natalie Winters. She's fifteen at the start of the book, and she learns that magic exists. Fantasy, but set in a "regular" environment - Natalie is in high school and lives with her uncle.

Part of the scene
Magic, Natalie thought and touched the necklace hanging around her neck. Her fingers touched it and she felt the power surrounding it.

An idea formed in her mind. She closed her eyes and visualized what she wanted, as hard and clearly as she had ever tried to picture anything. The world around her disappeared, quieting until it no longer existed. Then she pulled at the red stone and something sparkled at her fingertips. She opened her eyes to find a small ball of light floating above her open hand. Cecily stared at her. Still, there was no fear in her eyes, only wonder.

Natalie pushed the light towards Cecily.

For a second, the light hovered just outside Cecily’s body – then it disappeared into her. For the briefest of moments, Cecily seemed to shine herself. Her skin glowed with a warm, yellow tone and her hair floated behind her like a great, dark halo.

Then the light stopped and Cecily slumped against the pillow behind her back.

Read the novel [link]

FictionPress: [link]

All the parts haven't been posted yet, but I have completed the story (and its sequel).

The picture was drawn with pencil and pen, shaded with pencil. Colored in Photoshop CS3.
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Funny I didn't really picture Cecily like this... I pictured her with long blonde hair a bit like Luna Lovegood in HP... But that's really nice!
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:D Well, you're free to picture her however you want. I actually think it's great if you have a mental image of your own of her. Glad you liked it :hug: (New chapter, and more Winters art, coming up today :) )