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Goth of the sea

Goth!Ariel. I've been watching NCIS, with Abby, the goth forensic, and I was doodling Ariel and it came out like this. Drawn with pencil, shaded with pencil, then scanned and colored in Photoshop.

And yeah, this time she's supposed to have a lot of makeup ;)

Done without a reference, so that's why it might be a bit off... it's what you get when I doodle in class!


*Wisdoms-Pearl07 [link]
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She looks nice in pigtails, actually!
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i like how her hair is in pig tails. <3
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How creative! I love her pony tails and accessories!! :D
rubyrouge649's avatar
You're welcome. :)
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love it. I immediately got ab "Abby" feel
bananacosmicgirl's avatar
:giggle: I guess Abby is the official face for goths everywhere...
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omg she looks scary shes not as inocent as she use to b
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lol ABBY~
but this is pretty epic xD
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I like this style....pretty goth i like this good job.....nothing else to say
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I like this... It's a great job indeed <3
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Featured this in my Journal this week! :nana:
:iconmypleasure: Have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday, sweetie! :tighthug:
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Thank you so much! :glomp: :love:
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totally cool! Ariel looks amazing!
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