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A Royal Embrace

All righty, cute princesses cuddling coming up. Ariel and Belle, don't ask me about when this would happen, but they can't live that far away from each other... Anyway, they're very cute, especially together.

Got a better title? Feel free to share.

I wanted to do something different than I usually do, not as far as subjects to draw goes but for lighting. I wanted this to feel very warm and welcoming. I did the line art in Flash and colored everything in Photoshop. After doing the base layers of colors, I added a layer of light around the edges of the girls, where the light would hit, making them a bit blurry to look at.

Belle originally had less clothes on - a bra and panties - but it fit better with the mood of the picture to have her in a simple, pretty dress. The red was to complement Ariel's hair, the way her dress in a way is supposed to complement Belle's. Ariel is always so pretty and colorful, and I wanted her in black for once instead. Also, I added a bit more make up to both girls, because that's so much fun to draw.

Background - a certain someone suggested I do a bunch of photographers taking photos of the two, but I didn't know how to pull that off, so I went with a golden background. It was originally a white/blue sky, but it made the picture feel better as a whole in gold.

Reference for the position they're standing in: [link] by :iconalinepotter-stock:

The final thing I added were the sparkles, to make it feel really enchanted (no, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I want to ^^).

So, Flash and Photoshop, the movies as references, and lots and lots of hours. Gawd it took a long time to make this... (and on top of it all, in the middle of it, my computer froze and I'd forgotten to save. I was almost completely finished with Ariel and had to go back almost to start *sigh*)

Comments are incredibly welcome.

Edit: After reading about art theft, I made the size a bit smaller, and added a copyright and my signature. Too many have gotten their art stolen... I hope I don't have to add the dA watermark.

Ariel and Belle © Disney
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Just imagine how romantic this would be if set to animation. Well done.

- Take Care, Beannacht De Duit
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d-dayummm... /drool
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I ship AriBelle so hard!! This is lovely! I'd love to see more Aribelle from you! :)
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XDDD At first glance, I totally thought Belle was Princess Mia from "The Princess Diaries" :blush:
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I would love to see them in just a bra and panties.
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I always prefer ariel x belle.
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Hope you like it, then :)
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I for one am not the biggest fan of this couple, but the way you drew them is adorable. You're very talented.
Don't listen to the motherfuckers who say you're not.
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Thank you :) I'm not a particularly big fan of the pairing either, but I thought it was a fun thing to draw, seeing how they're two of my favorite princesses.
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Ariel is, like, my fave princess too :) I was OBSESSED with the little mermaid as a kid. And I mean, OBSESSED!!! (I used to 'mermaid hunt' in swimming pools' :XD:)
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Like the loser below. :)
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And you're a cunt. We've solved that. Now go hate on someone else's art.
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You have the tiniest, most simple mind in the universe
So she drew them together, so what? People can do what they like, and there's nothing wrong with that.
And there is no evidence that Ariel wasn't bi, and even if she wasn't it's called free expression.
So respect her right to post what ever art she wants, or just fuck off, okay? Don't go posting thoughtless, insulting comments that could seriously hurt people. You realise this artist has feelings, right? Looking at this comment, YOU are the sick one.
And by the way, it's spelt:

Before you call her retarted (which is actually really offensive) please take a look at yourself.

Now get a life and stop being such a fucking horrid disgusting bully
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i LOLed after reading this hahaha
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Lol when did I actually post this? I don't remember it, but I was obviously in a really :iconrageplz: mood...
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april 11th XD im a little latee
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Wow this is really beautiful and I loved reading at the bottom the process you went through; it's a huge help to me because I'm sort of aspiring to be as good at digital art as this beautiful piece. The fact that I also love this pairing doesn't hurt ^_^
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This is so cute it would be good for my group.
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