Whats your opinion of my art?
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Banana of doom 2000! Its me! I have a account on deviat art on the phone of my mother called: anythefoxfoxyvixen18!

And now i have a account on deviat art on my tablet! ( I write this comment on my tablet now) and a have a second account on the phone of my mother on furaffinity called: anathefox! ♥️

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Your art is awesome but you draw very mature content 😵

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Your art is pretty good. I cant really critisize you since im not an artist myself.
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I say yours is pretty original and you have a nice style on your own compared to other artists. :nod: It's very unique.
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It's awwwwwwwwwwwwesome!
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Its hardcore! not in a strange way but in a good way! yaaay for BOD2000 and TF art :)
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I haven´t been watchin´ ya for a long time, but I bet on that your art´s awesome!
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You are still my number 1 artist man
hope you saw my first badly drawn deviation
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In term of content and originality, I say awesome. You got good TF idea.

In term of quality, mediocre. Which is not to tell that you have improved over the time, but you still can get better. Metamorpher did quite a good review, and I hope I won't repeat myself.

Some of the anatomy is too stiff. Too many straight line and not enough curve, smoothness.
This, along with the color being mostly flat, remove a lot of quality to the view. Try working on some shading to give more texture, more dimension to your characters.

Anatomy could also use some work. Too many cylinders for the neck, arms, leg. You got to curve them a little more, add mass to them.

I hope this help and keep the work!
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your arts amazing, spectacular and whats better than u nobody well i say!!
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Like any thing its possible to get better. Seeing many of the points above... I settle with good. :D

And dynamic angles are fun... well depends.
perspective AND dynamic angles are fun, as then you can pretty much throw consistancey(<--Spell checkers not catching it) out the window! just keep a life line on it so you can get it back after words.
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Hey BoD2000. I love your art cause its Transformation. Its just awesome I love TF stuff.
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Lower end of Great. I wouldn't be watching you if you weren't at least Good.
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Do you really want me to be honest.
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Aright then. I hope you don't take offense at what I am going to suggest. I want to help you improve you artwork. Your really inventive with your tfs. And you don't just keep on using the same species over and over again. Which I really like ^_^. And slowly your artwork is getting better. Now for the advice.

First you have a habit of drawing human heads and some creature heads like cylinders. They need to be more rounder on the top of the head instead of being flat. You need to practice making them more rounder.

Next when you work on is the ebows and knees. At the point where the elbow bends or the knees is way too rounded. Almost way too much cartoony. Go to a mirror and ben your elbow. That way you can see for yourself what I am talking about.

Going back to the heads. When you have the muzzle of the creature pushed out or is pushing out. You have the forehead still there. For example your lizards or dolphins tf. You have their forehead still there when it should be flat. And for the other creatures. They shouldn't have such high foreheads also. You should try lowering them.

You have a great start on the basics of the body. But you should also add some curves the the body itself. Almost all your tfs. The bodies are just pretty much one straight line. You need to add some more curves to them.

So you need to just keep on practicing on your humans as well as your creatures. You have a great start with your tfs and stuff. A lot better then many tf artist. And like many tf artist, including me. We just need to keep on practicing. Trying to get better and better.

Oh and I noticed something reptative in your tfs that I just noticed. You like to have the mouths opened or showing the teeth in them while they are being tfed. That is cool and kinda funny at the same time.

Well I hope this info helps you with improving your art. Because you got a lot of potential on being even better.

Your creatures are really close. But you still need a little more practice with them. As well as your humans.
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It's alright, I see a lot of room for improvement though.
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It's Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
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Die? Wow, I didn't know you had so many enemies. In any case it's really good
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needs more tailsplosions... get back to work you!
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In terms of average skill level, aesthetic appeal and quality ... honestly ... only Mediocre, IMHO. (Some are much better than others though)

In terms of CONTENT ... Freaking AWESOME!

You have alot of room to improve, but your style is quite distinctive and instantly recognizable, and your TF art is some of my Favorites, not only on DA, but the entire internet.

Your art has not changed very much in the last few years. I think you need to challenge yourself a bit more and strive to bring it to the "Next Level" ... whatever that may be for you.

More Realistic? More Cartoony? More Abstract? More Detailed? More Colorful? ... I just don't know.

All I know is that, amateurish or not, your gallery is one of those that I most look forward to seeing updates from here on DA.

Keep up the good work. =^.^= ~
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Thanks for the detailed opinion.

As of late I've been playing around with much more difficult posing than the norm- more dramatic angles and such. Hopefully that'll help things along.

I also hate my randomized problems with proportions and limbs from drawing to drawing, but... consistency is hard to achieve.

And again, thanks for the praise + suggestions, I'll try to stay as fresh as I can.
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I think it's awesome. 8D
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