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Commission for :iconlightningfire:.

When her memories are finished decrypting, she becomes fully aware of the nature of her surroundings, and begins her tale of observation of these crazy things called humans.

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You just needed an excuse to break the fourth wall, did you?

Miles-the-Kangaroo's avatar
She's seen DA and e621.
Eeveewolfhunter's avatar
Wow is renamon art that bad????
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And again... BRING OUT DA B-U-T-T xD
askasPL's avatar
This is not nudity

This is awseomeness
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I like the idea that Renamon hade a real world form to digi form so nice work
DragonTamer108's avatar
4th wall breaking to the max banana
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Wait, if the 4th wall is broken, then what's holding the roof up?
DragonTamer108's avatar
MythicEnder's avatar
Yet inside a digital world in a program....which is on computres so....we r in a computer
DragonTamer108's avatar
ive been checkmated
MythicEnder's avatar
Yes it seems so
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Okay, that transformation made sense as it actually had an explanation attached. Well done on both the drawings and story :)
Was Renamon always that bottom heavy? She grew some pretty chubby hips and big, round butt. That's kinda funny ;)
Banana-of-Doom2000's avatar
She was not. But that's okay!
AnthroLoverJay's avatar
Thought not. I guess the software decided to balloon her up so that the extra clothing would pop off :D
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nooooo! mental tfs make me sad.
Banana-of-Doom2000's avatar
She's still her! She just remembered some things.
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*giggles and hugs her*
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That's the understatement of the century, folks: Humans are weird.
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Yet "for the most part" the dominant and smartest species. And any thing that we have never seen irl e.g. A renamon, that would seem weird to us. Checkmate.
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