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Have been greatly exaggerated.

I’m transitioning y’all :)

I’ll save everyone the long boring story. But I came out last April and began therapy in May. Started HRT this past November and just started full dose. Still not entirely publicly out, but taking those steps as they come.

This is not the “Poof” like my comics, but a long and methodical journey. 

I've posted new photos to my Flickr account. Now to look for a sequined shirt dress and silver pumps :)
New wig: check
New boobs: check
More paint: check
New hip pads: needed!

Within two weeks, a new profile pic is in order.

A quote from my cousin who's a makeup artist (and helping me immensely): "Honey, you have fucking fabulous legs" :)

I've lost 35 pounds since my flickr photos in 2011. So excited to be able to become my other side again.

Love you all and many thanks for all the nice compliments! :)
Oh wow! I've purchased all my makeup (Everything!), two new pairs of shoes, jewelry and some other small stuff. SO EXCITED!!!!

Got to save for a new wig :)

So giddy!
Started a tumblr page finally...

Also my flickr page:…