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Long time so see, just kinda wanted to upload this cuz I got my own uncommon MYO ticket TUT 

Her name is Ane, and the rest of the story is TBA

Her blessings are Buckwheat flowers & chinese goral, buckwheat shaped pupils 
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I love the gradient skirt/dress so much!! She feels very delicate and elegant!

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Idk if you even remember me at this point but it's really nice to see you posting something again. c: I kinda wondered about where you disappeared at some point haha. 
Anyway such a cute and sparkly artwork + love her design!<3
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aHHHH I do remember you!!! We've talked every now and then, and thank you so much for staying with me!! T_T 
I've been going through a lot during the past year so it was hard, I'll try to be more active! <3
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Haha np, glad to have you back! ^^ hope to see more art from you in the future again.c: (ahh but please don't push yourself) 
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Ahhh yes!! I’m currently working on lots of different with people, as well individual! Hopefully we’ll be able to share them soon❤️ I’ll try my best not to ahaha
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ahh she's gorgeous!!
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Thank you Lemon!! TT <3
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Yay! Your Annie!
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