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First of all welcome to the group! We are so excited for you to visit us!! Please feel free to join our group if you own a Bamharr or not!

We await you with a warm welcome!
Please take a look at our helpful little team below if you have any concerns or questions!
We're always happy to help ^^


The creator and designer of Bamharr!

Here to provide us with lovely Bamharrs!
Please check out Lotus's page for Bamharr sales, MYOs and possible customs!

Mini Bosses
Here to help with questions and guide you to the right place!
Please don't be afraid to approach us at all! We don't bite !!

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Gallery Folders

Halloween background for bamharrs by LotusLumino
Bamharr Relationship Form by LotusLumino
Bamharr drawing tricks! by LotusLumino
Bamharr Reference sheet - updated! by LotusLumino
One Bamharr
Reward ACEO Esmeralda Mustache by nickyflamingo
BamharrBabes: Octavia by dayaja
BamharrBabes: Pippa by dayaja
ACEO Reward Hunter Antares by nickyflamingo
Group Bamharrs
Speed Bust doodles Nov 20 2020 by nickyflamingo
ACEO Quinn and Priya by nickyflamingo
Reward ACEO Super Esmeralda and Rosa by nickyflamingo
Every Nyeh by UncannyFam
Reference Sheets
Rainbow Galaxy Star Bamharr by nickyflamingo
[Fashion] Bamharr Semiramis Lineup by wandering-kotka
Halloween Queen Cybharr by nickyflamingo
Bamharr Custom - Kyrios by Tsuzukikun
Bamharr adopt - 1374 - 1375 - FCFS - on hold by LotusLumino
Bamharr adopt - 1373 - Auction - closed by LotusLumino
Bamharr adopt - 1372 - Auction - closed by LotusLumino
Bamharr adopt - 1368 - 1371 - FCFS - closed by LotusLumino
Icons - pixels
Tiny Heart Cushion YCH : Elena by heliacalrisen
COMM :: Rania Pagedoll by heliacalrisen
Pixel Sailor Royal by UncannyFam
[C] Briar by UncannyFam
Sketches - WIP
Reward Violet Ravenrose by nickyflamingo
Reward Antares by nickyflamingo
Reward Troy Archer by nickyflamingo
Reward Dante and Spectra by nickyflamingo
Quest 14. -  Academy life! by sailorx161
[quest 13] Dress up for Easter by UncannyFam

Mature Content

Bunnyman by UncannyFam
Quest 13 by sailorx161
Literature - writings

Mature Content

Corrine by UncannyFam

Mature Content

Snow Ref by ReekaRose

Mature Content

Intoxicating by ReekaRose

Mature Content

New Toy by ReekaRose
Ship in 5 Minutes | Malachye x Maya by UncannyFam
!!BUST COMMISSIONS OPEN!! by moonlitmermads
Special discounts
[CLOSED]YCH: Posevember pt.2 +species discount by SkyJynx
Templates or Bases members can use
Bamharr Egg Base! by UncannyFam
Animated Icon Commission [CLOSED]The slot have been claimed, thank you! I have been experimenting with animation in the last months but since I was still getting used to the process I only offered them as trade, Now they are getting their own commission info journal Base price $55Up to + $10 for detailed characters+ $5 for each simple animated props+ $10 for each complex animated props*Note: the examples bellow contains 2 different ways to animate hands, one static and one with multiple frames, so complexity counts for amount of frames needed to draw as well and not just details*,You will receive: An animated icon with versions of 500x500px, 300x300px and 100x100px without my signature An animated icon of 500x500px with my signature An static version of 500x500px with and without my signatureI made these different versions so you can use them as a profile picture without my signature getting in the way, however if you post them online (on sites such as your gallery) please upload the signed version. I would appreciate being credited if used too ^^RulesPaypal onlyPlease read my Terms Of Service and make sure you understood and agree completely with itNot First-come, First-serve. I might refuse a commission if I feel not being able to complete your ordering or you have been proved troublesome in any wayPersonal use onlyI don't work with tight deadlinesAs an artist, my art is constantly evolving so there might be slight differences between samples in my gallery and the result you will receive. They are very slight changes, but please keep that in mindWhat I'll draw:Females/Males (but females are more into my comfortable zone)Original Characters (that include chars created in games)Humanoids and similar (elves, faeries, mermaids, kemonomimi, closed species, etc) Species I'm familiar to work with: Dextroluma, Kipitin and Lockette. Species I had some sort of contact before: Bamharr and Boozeshark. For other species not listed just ask for it and I may work around!Accessories in generalWeaponsRobots/Mecha/Armor (simple-ish designs only)Maybe/Exceptions:NSFW (Mild sexy characters/poses are ok but not fully nudity, or explicit sexual situations)Gore (Some few scars/blood is ok but not anything extreme, like dismemberment and exposed internal organs)Anthro (I'm not good enough with anthro anatomy, but if you insist no matter what, it will be super experimental)Fanart (This is a personal matter to me so I'll only draw characters that I know or enjoy)What I won't draw:RealismOld peopleReligious/polemic/offensive themes Any sort of fetish artAny other thing that I don't feel comfortable withHow To OrderPlease send me a NOTE with this form filled to claim! Style: (Animated Icon)Paypal email:Character: (colored reference pictures only, also please include their name here if its not in the link)Character expressions: (Both their first and the one they transition after)Animated Props:Extra things I need to know:1 icon = 1 slot. You can order as many as you want if they are available and if desired I can make matching iconsTo-Do List
For Another world Bamharrs
Tossing My OCs into Bamharr AU Because I Can by Ra-Punzelle
Heart M - a cave settlement by LotusLumino
SS! by Ashiess




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Arrow left by Drawn-MarioBamharrs are a CLOSED species, meaning you cannot make your own without MY approval. Please respect my decision and work.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Do NOT ask/beg to others in order to get something. This is a general rule. You can ask for trade as long as the person you are asking has a journal up stating they are looking for trades, I am fine with Bamharrs being traded to others.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If you use bases other resources please make sure to credit the original source! Traced works are not allowed!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If you have any problem with anything/anyone in the group, send the group a note, if needed take a screenshot and we'll work things out!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario You can submit NSFW work too BUT make sure you add the mature tag!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If you get art of your bamharrs (which is reallly encouraged!) please make sure I am credited for the species! It is also very encouraged to show the commissioned users the Guide, to make sure they get the traits correctly.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario And the most important rule, have fun and don't cause trouble, let's respect each other!

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Our navigation box is here to help you get to certain areas without having to dig deep! Please check out these helpful links!

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Love Portal

This is the spot where you can post/offer relationships/friendships/rivalries between bamharrs! ^^ (So yeah basically Any kind of relationship, not just love!)

You can add any description, even start RPs here if wanted !


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In order to create a bamharr you need to buy or get a MYO slot through trading ; o ; Joining doesn't automatically allow one to create a bamharr. MYO slots can have all types of traits and they can be upgraded too if wanted.
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