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First of all welcome to the group! We are so excited for you to visit us!! Please feel free to join our group if you own a Bamharr or not!

We await you with a warm welcome!
Please take a look at our helpful little team below if you have any concerns or questions!
We're always happy to help ^^


The creator and designer of Bamharr!

Here to provide us with lovely Bamharrs!
Please check out Lotus's page for Bamharr sales, MYOs and possible customs!

Mini Bosses
Here to help with questions and guide you to the right place!
Please don't be afraid to approach us at all! We don't bite !!

And our account to send out messages as the group:

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Gallery Folders

Bamharr Relationship Form by LotusLumino
Bamharr drawing tricks! by LotusLumino
Willows Field - YBH - closed by LotusLumino
Bamharr Reference sheet - updated! by LotusLumino
One Bamharr
Chibie Madeleine {P} 1/6 by JaydenNightwalker
Morgana [ych] by kohakuasato
Trade - Miela by purenightshade
P: Praise me by Cynical-Pancake
Group Bamharrs
[COMM] Amelia + Sebastian by PeachThePlum
ACEO Lexie and Lacie Lane by nickyflamingo
Com: Autumn Afternoon by Jyinxe
BB: the humans meet by sailorx161
Reference Sheets
Bamharr MYO: Spider Bam, Spider Bam by Ra-Punzelle
[Bamharr]~ JKDreamer - MYO Design by BlazeDeNosferatu
BB:  Patrick Cantero by sailorx161
Baron Dilloun Dekramo - reference sheet by LotusLumino
Bamharr adopt - 830 - 831 - on hold by LotusLumino
Bamharr adopt - 828 - 829 - closed by LotusLumino
Bamharr adopt - 827 - raffle to buy - closed by LotusLumino
Bamharr set 140 - on hold by LotusLumino
Icons - pixels
BamBam! by LadyEmeraldAFalcon
BB: Halloween Branwen by Diluculi
Glow in the Dark by Sketching-Panda-Ren
BB: Halloween Vasco by Diluculi
Sketches - WIP
August Patreon Reward Sketch - Celeste by Tsuzukikun
August Patreon Sketch Reward - Jaxx by Tsuzukikun
Silvana Rein sketch by nickyflamingo
a page ol emotions by Unisamas-Art
Quest 14. -  Academy life! by sailorx161
[quest 13] Dress up for Easter by UncannyFam

Mature Content

Bunnyman by UncannyFam
Quest 13 by sailorx161
Literature - writings

Mature Content

Sept 2018 Patreon Reward ACEO Rosa by nickyflamingo

Mature Content

From out of nowhere by Twisted-paper

Mature Content

Relaxing in the ocean waves by UncannyFam

Mature Content

ACEO YCH Sam and Fate by nickyflamingo
Luxorin | Bamharr App + Seeking Relationships by UncannyFam
Special discounts
[YBH] Mini Bam by UncannyFam
Templates or Bases members can use
Bamharr Halloween Icon base - P2U by LotusLumino
For Another world Bamharrs
Madeline - my first bamharr! by Cyndrawing
If you can't submit


Arrow left by Drawn-MarioBamharrs are a CLOSED species, meaning you cannot make your own without MY approval. Please respect my decision and work.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Do NOT ask/beg to others in order to get something. This is a general rule. You can ask for trade, I am fine with Bamharrs being traded to others.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If you use bases other resources please make sure to credit the original source! Traced works are not allowed!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If you have any problem with anything/anyone in the group, send me a note, if needed take a screenshot and we'll work things out!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario You can submit NSFW stuff too BUT make sure you add the mature tag!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If you get art of your bamharrs (which is reallly encouraged!) please make sure I am credited for the species! It is also very encouraged to show the commissioned users the Guide, to make sure they get the traits correctly.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario And the most important rule, have fun and don't cause trouble, let's respect each other!

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Our navigation box is here to help you get to certain areas without having to dig deep! Please check out these helpful links!

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Love Portal

This is the spot where you can post/offer relationships/friendships/rivalries between bamharrs! ^^ (So yeah basically Any kind of relationship, not just love!)

You can add any description, even start RPs here if wanted !


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Cherubiana Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018
Hello! I might be missing it but I can't seem to find prices. Is there any way to find out so I know how much to save up for one of these?
Novarin-Art Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For regular adopts the prices are around $22-over $100 (first price is for chibi/FTO adopts which will be posted from time to time)

And the MYO slots are as follows:

I hope this helps!
Cherubiana Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018
It does, thank you!
LittleAlyce Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Does anyone have customs open for beautiful babes open? x.x I'm hoping to get one on Friday when I get paid if the price is right
LittleAlyce Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sooo.. I was totally going to do this, however my little one decided she didn't want to wait the last two months to be born and decided to come out on the 6. Because of this I'm pretty broke atm T^T And that makes me rather sad.

I also am no longer working for awhile, while I'm in recovery 
Novarin-Art Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH GOSH!! Congratulations to your baby! Please, no worries honey, take care of the tiny bundle of joy and I hope you will have a blast of a time as a parent!
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Mahasu Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Question~ once we get a bamharr, do we apply to live in one of the Hearts? Or is that present in the adopt? (Once I get one I want her to live in Heart C autumn wonderland~)
Separte thought, you should do a Bamharr census for your Core!
LotusLumino Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2018  Student
You can place them in any of the Hearts that have been revealed! : D <3333333 
Mahasu Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
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