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Lady bug queen by bamcameron Lady bug queen :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 8 0 Dragon cat by bamcameron Dragon cat :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 3 0 The chocolate fairy, Angelicae theobromae by bamcameron
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The chocolate fairy, Angelicae theobromae :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 2 3
The Robin's Song
Once I heard a robin sing
To a girl who wasn't listening.
He looked at her with tilted head
And purple wing
And breast of red.
"Look my way, and I'll go home--
Back home, back home,
Where the wild wind blows.
Look my way, and I'll go home,
Back home,
Where the wild wind blows."
:iconbamcameron:bamcameron 1 1
Cat Laying on Back Lineart by bamcameron Cat Laying on Back Lineart :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 2 2 Standing Cat Lineart by bamcameron Standing Cat Lineart :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 3 0 Cat Sitting Lineart by bamcameron Cat Sitting Lineart :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 2 0 Cat Laying / Stretching on Back Lineart by bamcameron Cat Laying / Stretching on Back Lineart :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 4 0 Seahorses holding tails by bamcameron Seahorses holding tails :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 6 9 Charchi lineart by bamcameron Charchi lineart :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 0 0 Charchi by bamcameron Charchi :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 0 0
Free-floating mind
To this body I am bound
It weighs a hundred-something pounds
And drags along this wretched ground
:iconbamcameron:bamcameron 1 0
Peamingot by bamcameron Peamingot :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 1 3 Kyatbat lineart by bamcameron Kyatbat lineart :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 1 0
A natural history of the kyatbat
Kyatbat (Felis chiropterus)
The kyatbat is a bowling pin–shaped felid creature, no more than two feet in height, which stands upright (if unsteadily) on its two short stumpy hindlimbs. It possesses feathery wings for forelimbs, tall and pointy forward-facing ears (with some variation), and bright, piercing eyes that belie its true lack of intelligence. Kyatbats come in a variety of colors (and occasionally, simple patterns, such as spots or striping, or more rarely, elaborate patterns). Typically, either the wings or the body will be brilliant in hue, while the remainder features a drab color (such as dull greys and browns); however, some individuals have displayed vivid colors on both the body and wings, or even more unusually, differently colored wings. The pupils, tongue, and nose are all of one color.
To reach most destinations, kyatbats simply waddle, reaching speeds of up to several inches per m
:iconbamcameron:bamcameron 1 0
Kyatbats reference sheet by bamcameron Kyatbats reference sheet :iconbamcameron:bamcameron 2 3


Turonian sea of Saxony by Hyrotrioskjan Turonian sea of Saxony :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 550 81 Dreaming of Flying by angrymikko Dreaming of Flying :iconangrymikko:angrymikko 977 20 River by Wildweasel339 River :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 1,296 35 Wolfy Street Fighter by pythos-cheetah Wolfy Street Fighter :iconpythos-cheetah:pythos-cheetah 96 7 Little Love by JenniferWeiler Little Love :iconjenniferweiler:JenniferWeiler 149 15 Blossom water by pikaole Blossom water :iconpikaole:pikaole 327 23 Black-panther by HELMUTTT Black-panther :iconhelmuttt:HELMUTTT 334 19 Dalmatian and Coffee - Sketch by TasDraws Dalmatian and Coffee - Sketch :icontasdraws:TasDraws 153 6 Nudibranch Study by MsRaggaMuffin Nudibranch Study :iconmsraggamuffin:MsRaggaMuffin 8 5 The Big Arch by jant-photo The Big Arch :iconjant-photo:jant-photo 111 16 Pokemon Costume Designs: Starters by Hannah-Alexander Pokemon Costume Designs: Starters :iconhannah-alexander:Hannah-Alexander 2,653 49 Blueberry by deerfox-art Blueberry :icondeerfox-art:deerfox-art 114 1 Guidance by depingo Guidance :icondepingo:depingo 2,629 70 Love is a battlefield by Blazbaros Love is a battlefield :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 530 106 MtG Anointer of Champions by depingo MtG Anointer of Champions :icondepingo:depingo 4,764 167 Wasteland Knight by conorburkeart Wasteland Knight :iconconorburkeart:conorburkeart 658 25


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C. R. Cameron
United States
Geoscientist by day, writing cat stories by night.

If I give you a llama, it means I found something in your gallery that caught my eye! :)

Avatar by Saphia-Xeno.


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The Big Arch by jant-photo
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