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Welcome to my Page. In here you will have access to all new female muscle tutorials and private illustrations of mine. I’ve long wanted to do this in book form but have decided that giving you access via PDF is not only more modern but also a damn sight quicker! I will update the site regularly with new anatomical illustrations, some of which will be in full colour and broken down into processes and tips and tricks.

    Full colour tutorials for both comic art and female muscle illustration.
    Early access to current commissions and comic art, including process advice and tips and tricks where possible.
    Personal Art, original character designs and Fanart interpretations.
    Black and white Sketchbook anatomical reference and practice.
    And more to come… this is early days so watch this space!
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Alright! Glad to see you're moving forward with some exclusive content. I would have been the First subscriber, but should probably wait till tomorrow so I don't get double billed...lol

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