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Hey folks! I tested out a kindle unlimited (most definitely f*ckin’ limited btw😂) trial recently and as a result have been getting massively back into Manga over the last 2 or 3 months. I’ve been going through titles like a dose of salts so thought I’d throw it out there to peeps to see if I’m ’on target’ for what constitutes ’good’ manga. I really got into Manga in my teens but veered away from it over time. In the UK we used to have a publication called Manga Mania which was where it all started. I’ve listed below the titles that I’ve read and a few details. If you good people want to let me know your thoughts then it’ll be greatly appreciate.

Akira - read all of ‘em when I was a kid and re-read them again recently. Absolute classic way ahead of its time. All traditional art. Mind:blown!

Death Note - All: Loved it, one of my faves. Especially the ending. Amazingly well written and clever.

Attack on Titan -Only read up to vol. 22 before Amazon screwed me with their clever trick. Honestly, don’t rate the artwork so highly but 100% hooked on the story.

Fairy Tail - Read up to vol. 22. Again, I like Mashima’s artwork and it lends itself well to the characters and the story, not quite on par with Akira or UQ Holder. However, the whole vibe of Fairly Tale prompted me to buy the physical book box sets, I love it that much.

UQ Holder - Read up to vol. 19. - Good fun. Some in the UK would consider ‘provocative’ content but I guess that’s the difference between different cultures. I’ve learnt a new word too, ‘ecchi’ which I think would describe it. However, experts, please correct me if I’m wrong. The stand out with UQ Holder is the all digital artwork. The crispness makes it pop off the page and the backgrounds, baddies and vehicles are amazing! My fave so far in terms of visuals.

Inuyasha - Read the 1st omnibus - One of the older titles, thought it was ok but didn’t pursue it past the first volume.

Ghost in the Shell - Amazing. Love Masamune Shirow’s style, tried to copy it when I was a kid and started reading Appleseed.

Appleseed - First book - had to buy digitally from Amazon as physical copy would’ve broke the bank.

Dominion - First book - More Shirow, wanted to read after GITS and Appleseed.

Gleipnir - up to vol. 4 - Bizarre but original and enjoyable. Waiting for Amazon to unlock the later volumes as a means to con me into keeping my subscriptio!😂

Vinland Saga - 1st volume. - Good. Now watching the animated series.

Battle Angel Alita - up to vol. 4 - Kinda dark, Bisley-esque inked artwork but after seeing the film, really wanted to see what it was all about.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - 1st volume. - Miyazaki. ’Nuff said. Exemplary.

Fire Force up to vol. 7 - Artwork not as good as others but story is great. Love the designs of the infernals.

Demon Slayer - 1st omnibus - Good but couldn’t really get into it.

Naruto - 1st omnibus - Heard this was really popular. Enjoyed it but no high res versions available that were part of the so-called ‘kindle unlimited’.

Kenichi Mightiest Disciple - 1st volume (plus 4 seasons on Amazon) A bit saucy here and there but really, really good fun. Love the way Kenichi is so relentlessly positive and committed and has a profound effect on all his opponents along the way.

Bleach - book 1. Got really into it and then all the other volumes weren’t part of the subscription. Love the story and the artwork, especially the designs for the Hollows. can someone tell me if this is worth pursuing, even if it costs me my hard earned dough? 😂

Jujutsu Kaisen - First volume - I liked it but I kinda feel like it’s very similar to Bleach.

So there’s a few. I know there are others that sit on the list of ‘must read’ manga such as:

My Hero Academia

Tokyo Ghoul

One Piece

Rave Master

However, I would greatly appreciate all your recommendations and suggestions please. I find it all very inspiring as a comic artist and am constantly learning from all of it. I’ve enjoyed both classics and modern so far, but have to say art wise, UQ Holder was just so impressive, especially as it was all done digitally and therefore translated well to the iPad, that I’m trying to find more with similar art work.

Anyway, thanks very much for reading, hope to garner many more titles on the reading list!

Much love! Bambs

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in the manga industry(mainly online mangas)if you see any codes like 131870 and it's linked do NOT click it and must i repeat do NOT!!!!and if some one recommend some thing like boku no pico online dont read it...unless your into that shit...

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Whoa! Thanks for the heads up there too. I’ll make sure I avoid anything too ‘weird’. I’ve not investigated anything you’ve just warned me about but I can probably work out some of the stuff you’re referring to! 😄 Basically, everything I’m reading so far is through my kindle unlimited subscription - which is frankly really bad! A lot of the big titles aren’t free - i.e. Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia etc. 😂 But I guess that at least through the kindle that a lot of it is going to be ‘relatively’ safe. 👍🏻

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this is where i come in (i read ALOT of manga) so which genre are you intrested in fantasy?romance?iseaki?horror?mystery?slice of life?

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Cool, thanks! Erm, not sure what particular genre I’m into really, I think I’m a bit of an art snob, so if the artwork is good then I’m probably going to like it more. I forgot to mention on my list that I’d read 6 or 7 volumes of Seven Deadly Sins which was fantasy but then I really like the futuristic Stuff like UQ Holder. But then (apart from the Death Gods) I really liked the realistic take on the investigation in Death Note. I’m reading Death Topia at the moment which is probably the most adult one I’ve read so far, in both terms of sex and violence. And I’ve read the first 2 vols of Cage of Eden which I’ll probably continue with.

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+.-for more futuristic/scifi i recomend Seraph of the end, Knights of Sidonia,and parasyite.And if you like dark fantasy vibe you can go for berserk .If you like shonen I recomend fullmetal alchemist,joj's bizzare adventureand dragon bal,blue exorsist?l.And i see you like Cage of eden so i also recomend high-rise invasion,shot-gun boy(this is a webtoon),Elfen lied,and Mortals of Doom.Enjoy <3-+.

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I would also suggest anything by Katsura. His girls are gorgeous and I remember reading 'I's' as a teenager and really loving it. Recently, I'm reading 'Chainsaw Man' which is weird and really cool. You can tell that it's drawn REALLY fast, too. Like, the pages look like they were drawn in 20 mins (which is interesting/cool in a different type of way).

Anyway, best of luck in finding something cool to read. :)

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Thanks man, I’ll make sure I check out Masakasu Katsura. I did have a look for him and the Video Girl series but couldn’t find much on my so called ‘Kindle Unlimited’ subscription. Sometimes though there’s ‘unofficial’ versions or different translations so I’ll see if I can find it that way. I’ve seen a lot of good stuff about Chainsaw Man but again, nothing available through Amazon on the KU. 😔 Artwork does look awesome though. Googled some images of it and the designs and monsters are great. 👍🏻

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Rock and roll! Glad ya like the recommendations. Happy reading! :D

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I enjoyed so much and I think you would too this following titles from mangaka Masakasu Katsura: Video girl Ai,Video girl Len and I's.I was also reading Zetman but by some obnoxious issue related to licensing,or something alike,its publication were interrupted.

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Thanks buddy, much appreciated. I like the artwork a lot, has more of an old school feel to it, a bit like Masamune Shirows stuff. Frustratingly, I can’t get the video girl series stuff on my kindle unlimited subscription so will likely have to look elsewhere.

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Good luck! I wish you'll enjoy them once you get them.

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