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Toonman Character Sketches

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A few sketches for a future project with :iconnrgpreview: from their title Toonman, trying to get a feel for the characters.

Ryker (top left) is the ‘Superpower Broker’ who has unlocked the secret behind superpowers and has the monopoly over all other villains by being able to offer them powers for a price.

Rancora (top centre) was originally a human mental patient who crossed over into the cartoon world of Toontopia, where she is more powerful than all the other Toons and is hell bent on enslaving a world she has more control of.

Night Sovereign (top right) was a ‘throwaway’ villain that never had his character developed, became aware of this fact and became intent on finding a way into the human world and wreaking havoc.

Middle right - a couple of expression sketches of the hero himself- Tom Foolery aka Toonman.

Mara Mason (bottom middle) is the granddaughter of Toonman Creator Clark Mason. Upon the appearance of Tom Foolery in the human world, Mara does everything within her power to destroy the one thing that reminds her of all her family’s misfortunes.

Humble Bee (bottom left) Spoilt and mean rich kid Ivory Armstrong was transformed into her colossal form when she tried to escape from a bee like alien race and fell into a vat of extra-terrestrial jelly.

Check out NRG comics deviantArt page for much more in-depth histories of the characters.

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cactusjoe999's avatar

That's an interesting (and worrying) cast. :D

Hand-Sam-Art's avatar

I Love how you did Ryker!

I definitely remember seeing an old "Tomfoolery" cartoon YEARS ago!!

Bambs79's avatar

Thank you Sam. I love taking original characters and putting my own spin on them. I’m very happy with Ryker as well. Time permitting I’ll get to do some more sketches of these characters and perhaps add some colouro.

NRGPreview's avatar

Seriously, I can't thank you enough for bringing my characters to live and really doing them justice. You really get my ideas. :nod:

NRGComics's avatar

Seriously Rob, I can't thank you enough for your awesome work on these sketches and helping to get the word out about Toonman! Not only did you do the characters justice, but you also really captured the sales pitch of them which is hard to do (in the descriptions). We look forward to working with you more!

KaijuKing40000's avatar

Rancora and Humble bee are very nice looking

NRGComics's avatar

Thank you so much for the compliment and interests in our characters! :hug:

KaijuKing40000's avatar

no problem, i like hulk like body on wowan that doesnt take away feminity^^

gwahar's avatar

Rancora is my favorite

NRGComics's avatar

Glad you like her! We have a feeling she'll be a fan favorite!

Bambs79's avatar

Hah! 😂 Mine too! Villainesses are always the best.😄👍🏻

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