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Sketchbook - female physique and muscle

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After building an extension on our house and finally having my own art studio, filling it sensibly would take time and consideration. I had to make some decisions about what I wanted to keep and what I oughta let go. One thing I have a surplus of is sketchbooks! Some from years back that I remember buying in my early 20’s! I even found one that had a portrait sketch of a previous girlfriend - that was fun explaining!

I’m about half way through sorting them now but I basically decided to cut out and keep things that were good, had promise or were special to me and literally throw the rest - it would just be taking up space and have no positive repercussions. As a result though I’ve found: lots of perfectly usable sketches that I’d either left unfinished and at the time couldn’t see how to correct, lots of sketches that I’d submitted for commissions that weren’t chosen and original sketches of some of my favourite work on DA.

This deviation is a combination of all the above and I thought it was worth saving them and neatening them up for reference. Above there is unused material, general figure practice and sketches that with a tweak here and there are perfectly serviceable.

Important lesson: going back and seeing where you can improve old sketches is really beneficial for an artist, it makes you realise that you will always continue to learn and get better.
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EXCELLENT Postures!!

Nice Selection!

Yes, I look forward to revisiting my old works and seeing how they can be newly reinvented or developed.

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Great sketches!

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Thanks Jonkin, glad you like ‘em. 👍🏻

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These look real good

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Sweet lawd, he’s cutting them up! :faint:

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Wow, those are some defined muscles. :)

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