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Scribble Game - Winged Seahorse

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Probably one of my cuter scribble drawings. One that doesn’t freak my daughter out. 😄
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I know, very unlike me!😂

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oh such a struggle I have these days when trying to start on a piece. I HAVE to scribble first but I actually just don't have a choice (can't get anything out of my imagination for quite some time. Artist's block) . oh you're talented though, I like your work 😁

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Yeah, these are really good for just letting the brain go nuts on the page. I’m encouraging my daughter to do the same and just let the creativity grow. Glad you like it and thanks for the kind comment. 😊

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This one must have made your daughter so happy!

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Yeah, I then did a scribble for her which she in turn, turned into a seahorse! 😄 Though, she does like the crazier ones too!😂

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As long as you are bonding, that's the important part :nod:

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Thank you. 👍🏻

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Very cute fella

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Yeah, very unlike me to draw something cute. 😂

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That cute OwO

seahorse are kinda badass too :)

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Thanks, glad you like it. 👍🏻 Yeah, the seahorse dads look after the kids and that’s a lotta work! 😄

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