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Scribble Game Weirdness

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One of this Saturday morning’s scribble game results. 

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Great turn out!

But man, it looks tight and tense, with the head so low to the shoulders (I know it's an optical illusion)!

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Thanks again! These are great fun, I love seeing how they turn out. This one was just strange! Sometimes the proportions aren’t always correct because of trying to follow the lines my daughter drew!😂 I think it works though because it makes them look weirder!😂

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Thanks man. I have no idea what is going on in my head though sometimes.😄

Who knows, but i think its good, really good imagination. Like i said before, the scribble game seem really fun and unpredictable (or however is said). Keep'em comin!

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Impressive mech armor!

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Yeah, I’m getting there with mech stuff, I’ve been drawing anatomy and less techy stuff for so long that I feel I’m lacking in that arena.

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Hey, practice is improvement ;)

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That's pretty cool

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