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Saturday Morning Scribble Game

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Here’s the results of today’s Scribble Game that I play every Saturday with my daughter.

I still think I’ve got a way to go until I manage to get these as polished as I’d like them to be but I have to remember that this is an exercise in creativity rather than a masterpiece.

Almost forgot to take the starting pic today! Still, kinda happy with my ad hoc ‘mech-girl’.
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Who doesn't love mech girls? :D

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Makes me think of D-Va from Overwatch. :D

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Not familiar with D-Va or Overwatch. Will Google it now! 😂

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That's a really neat idea for character designs!

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A beautiful space warrior.

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Thanks buddy! Great to hear from you! I still remember doing this bad boy for you not long after I joined DA! Hope things are good? 👍🏻

Red Commission
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The mightiest half naked girl around. I am fine, if poor, how are you doing?

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I too am fine, thanks for asking. Things are ‘reasonable’ on the money front, but very much harassed in all other areas! 😂 Hence so little posting nowadays. A little while ago, I roughed out a massive poster of the first 10 OC‘s that I was commissioned to do when I joined DA, in celebration of 10 years. Red and Apex were some of the first, along with a number of Angel Uriel’s characters and even Soviet Superwoman. Really hoping to finish it. Now all I need is some time! 😂

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