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Rob Anatomy Sketchbook Girls 1

By Bambs79
Another mixture (mostly photo reference) one copied from an Ed McGuiness cover and one original sketch that was rejected. I struggle with drawing legs in perspective, ie. from above where the calf is obscured by the thigh, so found a couple of knee bent shots and worked from them.
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photos or videos? Wanna make a books out of all these? I can help you with it :)
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Hello Doug. Yeah, I do plan to make a book out of these at some point. I actually make books at work so I'm in the prime spot for doing it! Just need to design them and get them done. A friend of mine set me up a YouTube account so I should really make use of it and put up some videos! She was saying you can 'monetise' it by putting ads on so that you can earn a little extra for your time? I don't really know too much about it if I'm honest but it's something I'd like to do. Do you have any advice please? :thanks:
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Amigo, youtube is the way to go, but if I were you I'll put together PDF's or print on demand copies of your sketch studies, keep it simple, few words, stay away from a lot of text (remember finished, not perfect) and get the ball rolling, if you're a book designer you're almost there, all you might need is a deadline to it, go for it!!! me? I have some projects that need to see the light also!!! we can be each other support system to get it done!!!! wanna try?