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Had my iPad for almost 3 years now and I’ve never really tried painting digitally with it. I think I’ve only ever used the inking tools, the airbrush tools and a few of the odd spray paints and effects tools to jazz up backgrounds. So this was an exercise in remedying that!

Granted, I only really used the round brush and square brush in this attempt but it’s a start! 😂

I’ve not been doing much fbb art over the last couple years as I’ve been venturing into doing a lot more comic pages but after reading lots of manga and rediscovering my teenage otaku I’m now way more addicted than I was in my younger years, hence this buff anime babe.

After drawing Hestia from ‘Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?’ Fellow DA member n-e-e-t put me onto an artist called CuteSexyRobutts, who does a lot of anime girls in a kind of digital oil painting fashion, and it’s amazing. So inspired by this, I decided to have a go myself. Not only this, but I felt honour bound as I must’ve been living under a rock not to have heard of this dude already.

The toughest part (for me) is trying to stay loose. I have a very clean style and I struggle with the ‘impressionist’ finish that I’m trying to achieve. So I decided to use this as a ‘sketch’ - it’s not, it took waaaaayyy longer than a sketch - but that’s how I approached it. If I didn’t like something, I’d just paint over it, not be too precious. Plus, it’s amazing when you work this way how you see things differently as you go along. I though I was happy with my original sketch but the physique kept developing the more I continued. 

The original version of this is nude - which all being well, will be available on my Patreon page once I get it up an running. There’ll be a whole load of stuff like this as part of tutorials, which, whilst I intend to cover all comic art, is mostly going to be focused on female muscle. Watch this space. It might take me a little time to get some traction but I’m on it, I promise.
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She’s glorious, showing off with her eyes closed.

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Glad you like it!👍🏻Thanks for the comment. Keep an eye out for more!😉

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Amazing Bambs! Beyond addicted to your style and the muscle girls! Please let me know your Patreon when you set it up, I'll promote it on some of the forums I'm a member of! Cheers.

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Thanks Jim, much appreciated. Glad you like what I’m doing and very grateful for the support. I’m busy getting some stuff ready at the moment so that I’ve got some good content available before I launch it but a Patreon page is definitely gonna be the way forward. 👍🏻 Thanks again.

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Great, I’ll definitely be a Patron!!! And again, will be happy to promote. 👍

Hand-Sam-Art's avatar

Excellent practise, great turn out, wonderful description!

She's full of pride and and accomplishment!

Lovely job on the colours and texture and lighting/shadow too, especially!

Can't wait to have my turn/s someday ... !

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Thank you, glad you like it.👍🏻

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Happy to hear you rediscover your love of buff Anime babes, and that you’re still experimenting with your art style! I really love how she looks both majestic and powerful! :)

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Thanks Jay Jay, really appreciate the comment and support.👍🏻 I’m really happy with how this one turned out, especially as it was kind of an experiment. It started out as a bit of an anatomy study but ended up getting more and more involved.

Bambs79's avatar

Yep! Now which way to the gym? 😄

NRGComics's avatar

You should be, you did great work! :nod:

Bambs79's avatar

Thanks for the support as always buddy, much appreciated.👍🏻 This is definitely my arena, whenever I post the female muscle stuff it’s always well received. Humblebee will be a hit for sure!😄👍🏻

gwahar's avatar

She looks gorgeous

Bambs79's avatar

Thanks buddy, glad you like it and thanks for commenting as always.👍🏻👍🏻

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No problem, love your work!

Yeah its true you do muscles and lines with definition but you also know more of anatomy imo. I think you should try to make lines more blurry and thats all.

Im pretty sure youll find a way, you already know the most important hehe.

edit: and since you are trying cutesexyrobuts (i follow him, cant remember his exact name lol), you should also try a more "fantasy" anatomy, like i like to call it.

Amazing piece btw, is nice to see you trying new stuff. I think all artist needs to handle many styles and combine them how it most suit them ;D

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Cheers for the kind comment buddy and taking the time to write.👍🏻 Yeah, I’ve always been a ‘neat freak’ when it comes to art.😄 After reading all this manga lately I’ve been taking note of how they create movement with blurred lines so I’ll definitely be giving that a go.

Yeah, I love the style that cutesexyrobutts gets out of his art. Its got a very old world charm to it even though it’s rooted in adult fantasy. It’s kinda like an adult Studio Ghibli. 😂 I’m gradually getting braver with pushing anatomy. I’ve always been conscious of realism but learning lately that it’s still possible to exaggerate the physique but still make it look credible.

Not problem, i like to give comments. But i follow so many people that sometimes i get lazy and just watch :p

Also, i am pretty sure that you will have more fun creating more exaggerated-realism. I tried more real like female anatomy and i found it boring, but thats my opinion. I tend to make illiac crests and hips really large, thats my taste hehe. But have problems connecting it to torso if i want to make it muscly, it doesnt look right, so i thicc a bit.

edit: i forgot... i said blurry, but smooth may fit better? I cant really explain it in english... but instead using a dark digital pencils (thin) using more wide brushing. But then again im not good with colouring tehee.

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and with good reason

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😂 Yeah, getting that swole would take some serious dedication! 😂

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What an amazing piece! Beautiful work!

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