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Mirko/Miruko - MHA

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Haven’t done anything colourful for a while, nor really anything on the female muscle front either. I’ve been trawling through an awful lot of Manga of late and picking out an awful lot of buff female characters to make fanart of, so they’ll hopefully be more on the horizon. I don’t usually like to use existing artwork/logos but I really wanted this to have a poster feel to it, so managed to find a high quality black and white version of the MHA logo, which I doctored into the coloured version. 

Took a sketch that I’d drawn in my sketchbook and then dropped it into Procreate on my iPad to put in the colours. Maybe I’ll upload the sketch one day so that I can demonstrate the process.
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awesome work

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Thanks dude, much appreciated. 👍🏻

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Great work!

Glad to see this massive amount presented!

I look forward to my day when you're fully ready again . . .

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thats pretty slick

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Thanks man, much appreciated.👍🏻

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Beautiful bun

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Thank you! 😁

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I can't remember if I asked you this, but is she your favorite character?

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No, my favourite from MHA has gotta be All Might. 🤘🏻I hadn‘t drawn much female muscle for a while and wanted some existing characters to work from, so she fit the bill.😁👍🏻

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Had to do it. ;)

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oh I sure do love the buff bunny

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Yeah, considering she doesn’t have a huge part in MHA, she’s one of the most popular characters. 👍🏻

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now Star and Stripe is becoming a really popular one with her huge muscles

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