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More ‘chill and wind down’ fan art. Another character from the :iconargocomics: roster, also from the Death Squad title, this time Grav. Obviously this character’s powers are exactly what they say on the tin - gravity manipulation.

Again this was just a piece to have some fun with and put my spin on. I’ve changed the costume up a bit more on this one in comparison to the original. The original has a helix/DNA strand sash that runs round her waist. I’ve incorporated this design into the costume rather than it being separate from it. I also put a glowing spot motif in her mid riff as a nod to her centre of gravity. The original costume is a singular purple so I’ve segmented my version up and just added a paler purple to break it up a little.

The only part I might review in the future are the power discs, they didn’t quite come out how I wanted but nevertheless I’m pleased with it over all.

Hope y’all enjoy. 👍🏻
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Reading the name I can al;ready guess her special ability ... don't know what her original outfit because I've never seen it, but I like what I see you've done!

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FANTASTIC! Another great variation. Power effect is cool as well. Originally, my design had 2 belts that crossed and due to movement or flight, they’d be off the body sometimes but a couple artists mistook that for a helix. I figured maybe she just had different belts in her closet like real people, so I rolled with it.
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I wrote a story with her! :D

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Thanks man. 👍🏻

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Mind if I try this in 3D?

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I don’t mind at all buddy. She’s not my character, she belongs to Argo Comics, I just put my spin on the design. Once you’ve done it, it’d be worth tagging them (just follow or copy the icon in this post) ‘cos I know they’ll enjoy seeing it.👍🏻

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Always a cool power

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Yep! 👍🏻

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