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Foreshortening Practice

I feel that foreshortening is one of the weaker aspects of my comic drawing, which is a bit of a bummer when you consider that the best comic illustration is that which involves well executed foreshortening. Therefore I figured a bit of practice was in order. The above sketches are all taken from reference - the next step is seeing if I can commit it to memory and learn how to draw foreshortened anatomy off the cuff!
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Ooh, this will be helpful for me. I may reference it, but not directly copy or anything ^ ^; Thank you for creating such a useful guide! >w<
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You're welcome. If it can be of use to you then I'm glad I could help! :-) :thanks: 
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Thanks for the study!
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Great reference! :D
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Awesome ... i really needed this 
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Did you learn hand drawing from some author or practicing? they look great
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Thanks for the kind compliment. Most of it is self taught - though I highly recommend looking at Ryan Ottley's (The artist who draws Invincible for image comics) artwork, he's awesome at anatomy. He's my biggest influence. Also check out Ed McGuiness. :w00t:
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thank you very much! this is awesome and helpful
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Can you make reference for male figures in different action poses? If it's just okay :) Cheers!
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I feel your pain.
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Thank you, this is very helpful, yet again! :lol:
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Cool, glad to be of help! Thanks for comment, sorry my reply is late!
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yeah...foreshortening seems scary to me lol
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Yeah, I hear ya, sometimes I can get it right off the bat and others I'll spend a couple of hours trying to nail a pose! :lol:
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this shall be helpful!!
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Thanks, glad to be of help! Cheers! :w00t:
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Nice guide to foreshortening.
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FAVE'd....fantastic, but you may have already gathered that! Thanks for drawing this....
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Way to go :3
practice makes perfect ;3
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Thanks - yeah, I spend a lot of time finding pics with lots of foreshortening to copy - still can't do it right off the bat though, I'm still having to use reference. :w00t: Like you say, practice makes perfect. ;)
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I'm in your exact same situation lol. I want my pictues to have more depth and what not so I'm trying to get foreshortening down. I sort of just started picking it up seeing how I've known it but never really applied it.
Good luck to ya ;3
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WOW! I just needed to see this kind of drawings! Thank you :-)
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Thanks very much for your kind comment! :w00t: Hope the tutorials are useful. I like your owl, very good. :clap:
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