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Figure Ergonomes

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So these may look a little strange, with the block shaped heads and all, but this is often how I start off a figure illustration, especially if I’m drawing a figure right off the bat with no reference. This isn’t a new way of doing things by any means, it’s one of the key tenets to drawing the figure in How to draw Comics the Marvel way.

The blockhead thing does look a little strange but it really does help with setting your perspective of the figure, even if it’s just rough and you’re ‘eyeballing’ it. Obviously, the human body isn’t square but by reducing areas to just a couple of ‘planes’ it helps set up the frame/solidity of the body. And it helps line things up so that the body is balanced, for example, ribs and hips are at the same height, s and legs appear the same length etc.

I’ve roughly dropped a couple of shades in just to give a rough idea of light and help lend weight to the drawings. 
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ostras que bonito qwq

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'Classic Human Anatomy in Motion' has a similar blocky (geodesic?) model, for sussing out the planes of the body. I really like yours a lot.

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This is really cool! Seems like a good way to try and figure out the lighting and forms!

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Really cannot wait for us to resume commissioning discussions when you are free for me!

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Quite a shapely bunch you got here! ;)

LOL But seriously, I love that you are experimenting and developing your style in new ways.

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Even though this is an experiment, I really like how these came out. It's like a real extreme take on how drawing comes down to basic shapes.

Wow i didnt know boxes could be that sexy Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1]

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