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Female Muscle Tutorial - Giving the Body Depth

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Hey guys - said I’d got some more tutorial art on the way. I’m in the middle of completing more and was originally going to drop it all in one hit but couldn’t wait! 😂 Plus, I know I’ve been pretty quiet over the Christmas period so didn’t want to keep you guys waiting either.

If you enjoy what I’m doing here and find it useful then please let me know, I’d like to know that I’m working on the right lines and honouring subscribers with top notch content. If you REALLY think it’s worth it, then please spread the word, I’d be very grateful. Conversely, if there’s something you’d like to see then again, let me know. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to accommodate it but I really appreciate the feedback and am always looking to try new things.

Thanks agin for all your support and I hope you enjoy the tutorials.

Massive love.

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