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Feet Sketches by Bambs79

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So this is probably going to be some of the last figure reference I put out here on deviantArt so thought I’d go out with a bang. I know there’s a lot folks out there that are into feet, not just how they look but also how to draw them. So this one’s for you.

I’m very lucky in that my wife is possibly the best foot model in the world. Her feet are just amazingly, aesthetically perfect, so much so I keep trying to convince her to start her own onlyfans! 😂😂

All these sketches are based on her, though I may have embellished the centre picture a little, sorry folks, she’s not a bodybuilder. I just wanted to combine a couple of reference pics to try and work out a weird/extreme viewpoint.

Been reading an awful lot of Manga lately so the top left pic was kind of an homage to that. The rest are drawings are sketches that I’ve tried to break down to simple line work for reference.

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These feet have (been) worked!

Hope it's not too long until you upload next or resume contact with us soon!

Thank you so much for sharing!

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Thanks Sam, my wife’s a hairdresser so on her feet all day which is why I think she’s got such toned feet!😂 That and good genetics!😂😂

Feetfetishists incoming xD!!!

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Nice feet, very detailed.

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Personally, I don't get the appeal of feet. But I like how you went for the extra detail.

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I never used to either. 😄 Was just something I noticed when I got together with the Mrs and being that I’m always practicing figure and anatomy made total sense for me to draw from real life. 👍🏻

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