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Escalation Reward Art

By Bambs79
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:iconshag49931: has worked really hard on his City of Heroes role-play arcs, to the point where he's even commissioned reward art as a thank you to those who've played them! This is for his Escalation arc. The custody line up shows the 5 stages of Dr Erica Lashion's clone growth, starting with her original self at just a meagre 4 ft in height!

Artwork: The first character was lifted from the promotional poster and done digitally, whilst the remaining 4 (new) characters were all grey-scaled with markers and then coloured digitally in photoshop.

If you haven't stopped by ETJ's page then click on the link above, or if you like CoH roleplay, get involved with the Escalation arc, it's had good reviews!

Hope y'all enjoy!

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i am not really into growth comics. but i like this one. its got style and taste. nice job!
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Thanks man, yeah, I think the whole growth thing has gotta be done carefully, I'm always conscious of not making the women too masculine. This was a fun job to do 'cos I was given the CoH designs and got to adapt 'em for the reward art.

Thanks for the comment dude, cheers! :w00t:
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Just finished her story arc, and it was a fun one! Beautiful work for the reward picture!
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Thanks man, glad you like the artwork and that Eric's games are still attracting good numbers of people to play 'em! Sweet! :w00t:
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still smaller than Darth Vader...
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Thanks man, sorry this is such a late reply. Glad you like the pic, cheers! :w00t:
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I really love how you did this with the escalating scale and the development into the different body forms.
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Thanks, I had to draw a scale out on A2 paper and then draw them all (except the first one) next to one another so that everything lined up ok. Thanks for faving it, cheers! :D
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Is the height measurements correct? B/c at normal stage, she is tiny.
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Yeah, the guy who created her character says that when she starts out, she's barely 4 foot tall, very petite. This contributes to her obsession with becoming bigger and stronger, so that people take note of her rather than ignore her. So yes, the height scale is correct!

Cheers! :w00t:
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Cheers to you, too! :)
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He he he! :lol: thanks! :w00t:
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Really nice work, man!
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Thanks dude, thanks for stopping by and commenting and also for the fave, much appreciated! :dance:
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seems like she gets a tan after her final stage...
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Shes closer to the sun at that stage. o.- j/k
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Great job, Rob.

To anyone thinking about buying a commission from Rob, he's easy to work with, and always does great work.

For any curious City of Heroes players, or people who just geek out on the background of such things, here's how it progresses:

Stage One (far left): Underdeveloped, mass-produced clone body of Dr. Erica Lashion. Rank is only Minion class. Powersets are Robotics Mastermind and Devices.

Stage 2: Fully grown clone. Ready to fight personally. Uses "electro-gauntlets". Up to Leiutenant rank. Powersets: Electric Melee and Willpower.

Stage 3: Starts using the name "Escalation", since her schtick is now coming back stronger each time. Rank: Boss. Powersets: Mace / Invulnerability.

Stage 4: aka "Escalation 2.0". Rank: Elite Boss. Powersets: Super-Strength / Invulnerability.

Stage 5: aka "Escalation Extreme", the version for the big climactic fight in Mission Five. Rank: Archvillain. Powersets: Super-Strength / Invulnerability with almost all possible powers selected in both sets.
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I like stage one, look wise. But height wise there is something left to be desired.
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