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Early Access - Argo Double Shot Volume 4 Cover

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Raw Inks (albeit digital) for the next edition of the :iconargocomics: Double Shot series. There are 3 stories in the issue, each 8 pages. Each issue pits one character from the Argo universe against another, and gives you an introduction to each character and their abilities/powers.

I worked on the story for Mysteria and Quantama, the 2 ladies on the left hand panel of this here cover. I was super stoked to be asked to do cover duty for this issue. The centre panels contain the characters, Green Dragon (top) and Knightstar and the right hand panel holds Rama (top) and Bearclaw (below).

Always good fun to draw characters for the first time, I hadn't drawn the 4 characters to the right hand side of the cover, so this was a good opportunity. I liked how Green Dragons scales turned out, even if they did take ages. :lol:

Not sure when this issue is coming out as it's got to be coloured yet but I'll certainly be keeping people posted as I'm really happy with it! 
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