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Allura from Voltron

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Whilst my wife’s out at work on Saturday mornings it’s become a bit of a habit that my daughter and I will sit down and watch a cool animated series and doodle. This is most often the scribble game that results in weird and random sketches. However, we’ve been watching Voltron lately (the new and updated series - not the 80’s version) and I’m liking it a lot. I think it’s because some of the team involved in making the Legend of Korra are part of it and Korra was frankly frickin’ awesome.

Was inspired by the series and have been desperately looking for reasons to use my markers so thought I’d have a crack at drawing Allura in her Paladin gear.

This was drawn onto some heavyweight art paper, not my usual 325gsm Bristol board, so it kinda soaked up the inks a little, but it did help the blends nicely too. I’ve been using a mixture of COPIC Ciao markers, Magic Markers and some Uber cheap Script markers. The original sketch was drawn in a sketchbook at about A5 size. I took a picture on my iPad, and neatened it up with the studio pen tool in Procreate. I then turned the lines into a pale magenta and air-dropped the file back onto my Mac and printed it at A3 (420mm x 297mm).

I inked over the outline using Pigma Micron Fineliners and then filled in the colours with the markers. I’m a little bit disappointed with the face as I misjudged the colour range but rescued it a little with some white pencil crayon for the highlights. However, the rest I’m pretty happy with. Sadly, the picture from the iPhone doesn’t quite do the markers justice and the blends look a bit more separated. Will have to treat myself to a decent flatbed scanner at some point.

Lastly, I used black and violet watered down acrylic as a bit of a background. It’s a bit of an easy get out but this was a practice piece for some more larger scale illustrations and I didn’t want to use my markers on a convoluted background just yet. It is really nice to be back doing some more traditional art. Whilst the iPad and Procreate have revolutionised sequential pages for me, I still love having a physical piece of art in front of me that is totally unique.

Thanks for looking (and reading). Enjoy.
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I thought there was a hint of familiarity before I found it was Voltron.

LOVELY colours and brilliant speckled background, too!

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Thanks buddy, appreciate the kind comment. The background didn’t quite work how I wanted it to but this was more an exercise in getting back into using Copic markers.👍🏻 I’m still taking it as a win.😂

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Allura from Netflix's Voltron series looks great.

My family and I bought my nephew the five lions individually to form a large Voltron figure for Christmas. A few months to a year later they sold the all the lions in a single large pack. But it was worth it getting my nephew Voltron for Christmas because it loved it. :)

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My daughter and I are still only on season 2, I have no idea yet who Allura’s gonna hook up with.😂

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you'll be surprised

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Hah! I feel a binge watch may be needed so I can catch up ! 😂

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Love her design

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Yeah, it is pretty cool, though I kinda left her wristlets out as they weren’t on the picture I was using for reference! 😂 Nobody’s noticed yet, or if they have, they’ve been too kind to say.😂

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I've never been much into Voltron myself, but any series that can take off and build a fandom instantly has my respect.

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Considering its based on 5 pilots flying around space in giant robot lions - it is actually pretty cool!😄

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Wow! I had no idea some of the people of Korra helped make the new series! Thanks for the tip of the day! :D

And I absolutely love your techniques on this one! :nod:

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Thanks man. Yeah, I don’t think the creators of Korra were involved but Ki Hyun Ryu who was one of the head designers is part of it.

Yeah, I want to get back into doing more traditional art. It’s nice to have something tangible and original because it’s totally unique, there’s not another one the same.👍🏻

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