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Bought some Copic Ciao Markers the other day and wanted to test them out. Been heavy into the Manga lately so did a sketch of the Ctarl-Ctarl alien cat girl Aisha from Outlaw Star.

Really trying to rediscover my ability to use markers. This one isn’t quite there yet and it’s only a little sketch, approx. 5” x 7” but I’m getting there. Thought I’d try and keep this version closer to the Manga style rather than my own.
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Aisha from Outlaw Star. Now that I'm thinking about it I have seen Outlaw Star anime in almost 20 years.

Aisha looks good. :)

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Thanks, much appreciated.👍🏻

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But in all seriousness, you are really amazing at these marker drawings!

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Thank you buddy. 👍🏻😊

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Great work with the colours, LOVE how the textures turned out!

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Thank you Sam, very kind. 👍🏻

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This is really excellent. I use Copics and I have a hard time even approaching linework and coloring this clean. Did you take a picture of the sketch or scan it, to upload it?

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Thanks buddy. I did the initial sketch roughly in my sketchbook. I then took a photo of that on my iPad and put it into Procreate so I could neaten it up. Once I was happy with that, I went into the curves profile and changed the black outline to a pale magenta and printed it out on comic size board. I went over the outline with Pitt Pens and Pigma Micron Fineliners. I then went in with the copics. There is always the risk of smudging the black when putting the colour down with the copics, so I go kinda slow, which is why I get frustrated with my art as it takes so long. This is literally a photo of the sketch that I took on my iPhone.

WOW ;o

I havent seen anime or manga of this but i recognize her from somewhere hehe.

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I’ve not actually seen the series or read the manga but know of the character because of her physique. Our man Pokkuti has done a fantastic Version of her. Definitely worth checking his version out. 👍🏻

Yes, im following him. He is another artist very knowledgable in anatomy.

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Thank you. 👍🏻

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Gotta love Aisha, she looks great!

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Thanks man, much appreciated. I think I’ll have another go in future too. Was a fun character to draw but there’s bits I’d like to improve upon. 👍🏻

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Aisha looks perfect in your art style!

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Thank you, that’s very kind. I will definitely have another go in future though. 😊

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oh yes, one of the best catgirls. Love the muscles you gave her

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