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My Bio
*BBA322 aka BamboozledByAnime or BBA for short*
My common online aliases, which I've used since about 2005, as a result of: my love for Anime, liking the word Bamboozled, and my personal "code" for the numerical order the initials of my name come in the alphabet.

I used to be highly enthusiastic about learning to draw during high school, but stopped after I graduated and can't muster the nerve to try taking it up again and improving myself. Thus, it has become a hobby for this now 32 years old guy to lurk the artwork of others and admire their skills, while simply collecting favorites. I'm just a regular Anime and gaming addict nowadays who also loves reading manga plus novels of primarily the fantasy genre.

For now, I upload my gaming experiences on Youtube as a hobby since 2007, so check my channel out if you're bored. I also keep a MyAnimeList page if you'd like to see my interests in Anime and Manga titles there. Along with that, I also have a small Anime figure collection going, which I showcase at MyFigureCollection.Net. Lastly, if you're a regular bookworm like me, I have a GoodReads profile too.


Favourite Visual Artist
Satoshi Urushihara & Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Favourite TV Shows
Stargate: SG1 | Earth: Final Conflict | Battlestar Galactica | Caprica | Game of Thrones | Law & Order | CSI | Star Trek: TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager |
Favourite Writers
Anne McCaffrey
Favourite Games
RPG, Shooter, Gacha
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 4, iOS
Tools of the Trade
Prisma colored pencils, mechanical pencil, cliq eraser.
Other Interests
Anime, gaming, reading, dragons, sci-fi, fantasy & myths, monster girls / demi-humans, A.S.M.R., Isekai or Tensei manga, ping pong, chess.

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Hi! My name is Caiti Wiseley. I use to go by the username "themusicdied." Unfortunately, I can't remember the email or password I used for that account and can no longer log in. It sucks, but there's not much I can do. Hence the reason I haven't logged in in a LONG time. In any case, to the point, this message it's because you use to +watch me under my old username and I'm now inviting you, if you choose, to stay friends under this username. Either way, thank you for all of your support! =)
Oh wow, I'm so sorry I didn't even see this message until now. Even moreso about not saying hi D: Not sure why I don't/haven't.....But is it too late to say Hi now? And uhh, a how have you been doing?
It's not as long as you don't deliberately ignore me, lol. Friends are not supposed to ignore each other you know:nod: I've been okay. I found a job as a graphic designer in typography and it keeps my hands full pretty much:) I've been working here for about 3 months now and I really like it XD Other than that I keep drawing when I have a spare minute and some energy left. What about you? I suppose I can find out from your journal?:D
No way! I'd never do that, I'm too sheepish to be so cruel D: At least you can actually focus yourself to be able to draw..I keep getting distracted with other things >.> The only thing going on with me that ISN'T mentioned in my journal as that just a few minutes ago I came home with a new car, mwahaha. And because of this..I'm doing great!
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.......:ninja:...... :katana: En garde!