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The Imagination of Beings who conquer Society

Marker Pen, Finelineer
ca. 60 x 40 cm
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© 2012 - 2021 bamboomc
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Shadoisk's avatar
This is amazing, mind blown.
ysmk's avatar
this is just amazing!
Disneygamegirl's avatar
Artistic comment- wow this is really cool and I love the colour!!!
Non-artistic colour- so clearly its a flyman telling evil pacman whos boss while on acid. That's epic.
Sorry I know that was random but I felt the need to add it XD xx
elPatrixF's avatar
Dude awesome colors!
and, Pacman!!
c-compiler's avatar
It's like "Pacman meets The Fly". I love the contrasting of colorful cicles and darker blue and black areas.
wangqr's avatar
man tat's a lot of details, good for u! they look great as a whole
threepointrest's avatar
Great picture, but I don't understand the title... Can you elaborate?
EternalRain27's avatar
WOAH, if this isn't the effect of your mind on acid, I'd love to see what IS o.O. Must have taken a good amount of time. Looks awesome
animeloverful's avatar
Interesting picture Nicely done
Rosa-Aurea's avatar
Nice colors and composition!!
MrPurpleRoach's avatar
I love this alot, the coloring and the patterns are neat
marygomesart's avatar
woo Psicadelic!
I love it
Ashimmy's avatar
Definitely a lot to look at.
I really like it though. Very nice.
BuriART's avatar
wow this is amazing wonderful work man :D
gordonjugah's avatar
Very colorful! Interesting topic and neat composition as well!
Ginmaart's avatar
super creative ^^ I really love all the colors keep up the good work
Dumbass-Red's avatar
Good job! The talent is! Try and be sure to become a somebody!
idachow's avatar
love the use of color here! c:
DonEmidioNavarroArts's avatar
Love colors you've done here! Great job! :)
CheyenneDrake's avatar
this is so cool, all the colors and everything. i can't stop looking at it, nice work
Ikuzo32's avatar
you creative person!
GinaBinaNanaFoFina's avatar
This is really cool! Great job!
Sceneit123's avatar
I can really imagine this as a poster in my room. Great Work! =]
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