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They say "Language is the only homeland,"
but all I speak is English.
When my mother tried to teach me Chinese,
she was trying to teach me of her homeland.
I still don't have a home.
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Birdy by BambooKnight Birdy :iconbambooknight:BambooKnight 1 0 Random shot, PCH by BambooKnight Random shot, PCH :iconbambooknight:BambooKnight 3 0 Limekiln Park by BambooKnight Limekiln Park :iconbambooknight:BambooKnight 2 0 Self-portrait by BambooKnight Self-portrait :iconbambooknight:BambooKnight 1 0 Sealions by BambooKnight Sealions :iconbambooknight:BambooKnight 0 2 People at Guadalupe Beach by BambooKnight People at Guadalupe Beach :iconbambooknight:BambooKnight 5 1 Guadalupe Beach at Sunset by BambooKnight Guadalupe Beach at Sunset :iconbambooknight:BambooKnight 3 2 Darkin verson 1 by BambooKnight Darkin verson 1 :iconbambooknight:BambooKnight 0 1
There is never enough time to say everything, to say anything
To say goodbye
A moment, a year, a lifetime, one in the same.
Yet, like the faint beating of butterfly wings
A person, a soul, a spirit
Can cause a storm a world away.
No more fear and free from pain
We now bear it in her stead
As we do, she remains
In memory never forgotten.
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Emily, Part Three: Beginning
Part Three: Beginning

Emily boarded the ship and it soon left the docks.  Emily felt like stone as the turned back toward the dock.  Far off in the distance she could see him, Hobb, laying on the deck.  She watched him disappear into the dark of night.  The crew just left her alone save for smattering talk behind her back.  
She saw one old man who looked out of place.  Wearing a grey suit and smoking a cigarette over the side of the ship.  He gave her a long good look before shaking his head and tossing his cigarette over the side.
The blood was drying on her as she walked up to him.  “Hobb won’t make it,” she said in a hoarse whisper.  She could barely bring herself to say it.  Her eyes began to water.
The old guy smiled softly. “I think you’re underestimating the guy.  I’ve known him for a while and the old dog is tougher then he lo
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Emily, Part Two: Sacrifice
Part Two: Sacrifice

Emily nervously followed behind Hobb.  They passed by more dead guards and hallways.  She couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being followed, toyed with.  Blood.  Everywhere there was blood and it stirred something in Emily.  She was breathing hard, a mix of fear and adrenaline.  They made it out when they found the security gate.  Hobb opened the door and took a cautious step out then looked back at Emily.  She look at him for an instant but something said she should follow.
Outside was a hastily built compound.  There were tents bivouacked around a prefabricated bunker and a chainlinked fence surrounding it.
“Where the bloody ‘ell is everyone!”
“Where are we?  Wot is this place?”
Hobb looked about suspiciously.  “This is a temporary military base about a mile from where was found you.”
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Emily, Part One: Memory
Part One: Memories

White hot anger that threatens all until it is the only thing that she knows.
“Your pain,” a hallow, male voice calls out.  “Your pain will be exquisite.”

She awoke screaming, clutching her chest tightly until the passing fear subsided.  It wasn’t a normal fear, but one that bit deep, like a dog hanging onto a bone.  She was breathing hard, taking several moments to calm down
She was on a cot in a bare storeroom.  A thin blanket was all that she had to protect her form the chill in the air.  Underneath she was wearing a simple medical shirt, that was bound behind her back.  She quickly checked her body for wounds and found none.  The window, that was put high into the wall, let the only light into the room.  The light was shadowy but showed a door on the opposite wall.
She got to her feet and nearly fell feeling light headed,
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Little Girl Lost
“Mommy,” the little girl reached up and tugged on the sleeve of her mother’s robe.  “There is no such things as monsters right?”
“No sweetheart,” the mother said with a smile as she tucked her little girl under the cover.  “There are no such things as monsters... except for tickle monsters!”
The little girl squealed in laughter, as her mother leaned over her, tickling the girl through the blankets.  With a kiss on her forehead, the girl’s mother got up and left the room, turning off the lights before she closed the door.  The night light blinked on automatically, a feeble light, pale in the deep dark of the room.  All it did was create monsters made of shadows cast on the walls.  She reached under her covers and grabbed her battered and worn teddy bear.  Charlie was a talisman against the dark and shadows and the monsters that lived there.

“Any idea who th
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Mature content
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Wu Xia
“Master!  Master!  I saw a girl today!”  Tsang Yao Qi called out enthusiastically as he came bounding up the crumbling stone stairway.  Ancient stones, once sturdy but after centuries of overgrowth had become treacherous, as clinging vines bore into the stone.  Yet, despite the danger the young boy of twelve took to the steps two or three at a time, as nimble as any mountain goat or monkey.  In one hand he carried a slender bamboo rod from which a silken thread and hook dangled.
Master Hsieh leaned heavily on his staff and watched the boy leap up the way.  A smile crinkled is worn and wrinkled face, his eyes alight under his bushy white eyebrows.  “Oh did you know Yao Qi?” he chuckled.  “Is that why we have no fish for dinner tonight?”
Yao Qi came to a stop before his venerable master and frowned.  “I”m sorry Master,” he said, head hanging dow
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I am tired.  It was a long day I spent with a friend from out of town.  It was nice, seeing as how I haven't seen him in a couple of years.

I need to start writing again.  It has been a while and things are still hazy.  I suffered a stoke in March, and while it wasn't that bad, I still have a tough time with certain things.

Sigh... there is so much more I want to say, but I feel that this is the wrong place to do it.  I don't want to state how I am feeling.  Even though I am content... their is something missing..


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