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Frayed Character - 'Khu' Yatagarasu
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Published: April 26, 2013
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I was supposed to be drawing monsters/beasts today in my independent study animation, I guess this counts? ;D
This is the Guardian of one of my Frayed OC's, Faulklin Joel Foster

Yatagarasu (八咫烏) is the three-legged Crow God and the envoy of the sun Goddess, Amaterasu, and appears as evidence of the will of Heaven and divine intervention into human affairs, as well as symbolizing rebirth and rejuvination by scavanging and clearing out the dead after great battles.
Alternatively, in other cultures
He is known as the Samjogo in Korea, which was the direct representation of the sun itself and worshipped during the Goguryeo period along with the dragon and the Korean phoenix, but the Samjogo was believed to be above both.
In Chinese myth, there were ten sun crows, Sanzuwu, who would perch in the leaning mulberry tree. Each day one would leave the tree and soar around the world on a chariot, then the next one would take to the sky when it returned. When all ten flew into the sky at once, threatening to burn the world to ash, a celestial archer shot down all but one.
In Native American myth, though not three-legged, the Raven is honored for having been believed to be a trickster and shapeshifter who transformed itself into a great Chief's child, the Chief having kept the Sun and other celestial bodies in a box to own for himself and leaving the world dark. In the guise of the Chief's son, Raven opened the boxes and gave these celestial bodies back to the rest of the world, including the sun, and is often depicted with a mini sun held in it's beak.

Crows and ravens have been in many tales as tricksters and many cultures believe them to be cursed as well because of their nature as carrion birds that feast upon the dead. Crows/ravens are also considered to be one of the most intelligent species on the planet, quite a few studies claim that they are second only to humans.

It's hard to notice, but my rendition also gives Yatagarasu three wings and not two ^^ Khu is what Faulklin calls it.

Art, character, and design belong to me. Frayed belongs to the BFFP team.
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