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The Lie

By BambooDog
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These corresponding drawings are like random scenes.
So I don't really know if they're in order or not.

Even if they are from my head... XD
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i love the way she looks
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Woah...!!! So awesome...!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:
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Took me too long to find this. Google images, what r u doing??
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That almost looks like a magic inhibitor ring on her horn. Though there hasn't been an actual reference (picture) as to one would look like.
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You should make a comic. Its a nice story sealed inside. You should release it
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Oh wow, Trixie's mane... :wow:
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I like this, kinda reminicent of an alternate universe. Maybe one where Twilight did something really bad and Trixie is looking to bring her in. Either way, nice shading and lighting. :D
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In my fanfic, trixie actually burns a poster of herself.
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I have a story that will answer all of your questions, and give a thrilling time if you read it! It's full of action, conspiracy, mystery, dramatic scenes, and awesomeness all the way. Just go to my page, and read the Journal (I only have one journal [the story], and it's like HUGE, you can't miss it )!
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dude , I'm so gonna push this to its natural conclusion !
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Why is Twilight wanted?

Linked here from:
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You know, I never got to complete this. So I'm not 100% sure. XD
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I think i might have a clue : [link]
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ummm i wanted to make this my avatar but i dont know how? or is that not allowed?
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are panties comfy
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It's amazing!
I love her outfit!
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I LOVE her outfit!:love:
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I see 2 different things here

1) Trixie is burning the poster= She is friends with Twi and is protecting her

2) Trixie is creating the poster= vengeance on Twi and is framing her

I like the second one best...
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