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NEW Android phone Build! Megumi Tribute - Game

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By Bamboo-Ale   |   
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© 2019 - 2020 Bamboo-Ale
The amazing :iconewq11ewq2000: has worked tirelessly on a jiggle simulation game of an older piece I did for a good anon. Did some redrawing but all the glory goes to him, do check out his other work, it is amazing. 
The preview doesn't do it justice, check the links down bellow and download the jiggle game!

Done in Unity.

bugfixes on the other versions aswell.  If it wasn't working before for you it may now. 

NEW Android Build available!…

Download the game(Windows):

YouTube showcase:
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This game is amazing. Thank you for it. Do you have any feeder games?

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I'd also like to know if there is a pear shaed version of that one

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will This work on an IPhone X?

uloveme22's avatar

NVM works awesome

uloveme22's avatar

Won't work says drive no longer there for Android

fatanimelover115935's avatar

i am kinda sad though that you didn't add audio to it, like her burping, when you slap her belly it'd actually make the noise, but its still good ^^

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Humanity need a lot more of this stuff. Beautiful

zombi3kid98's avatar

Any other apps like this? Different characters or actions?

ewq11ewq2000's avatar
I've done some but no fatties there
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I can't find the app in the play store (android)
Do you have a link or something??
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Very nice and funny.

Fantastic programming work.

Just a pity that you can only touch and move her belly. It would be much nicer if you could also feed her.

I have been searching for a while for a funy game software in which you can fatten up girls, if someone knows something.

I like to read this.
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I've tried to download the Windows version on my computer but no matter what I try it won't work, it keeps saying that it can't open both the unity player and the MegumiTribute.exe file after I download and extract it
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I'm not used to windows 8 Business Edition but I got this: Switching to resolution 1024x768 failed, trying lower one
Switching to resolution 1024x768 failed, trying lower one
All resolution switches have failed
Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1024x768 fs=1 hz=0)
It didn't have any other resoloutions to choose from however.
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Interesting. I'm guessing the "3D mode" is based on a generated height map? I only wish the slap imparted inertia based on the cursor speed, so you could slap sideways. Nice work, the belly area in particular really works well.

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Love the Android version 😍 I can jiggle her belly anywhere I go. Love it 😍❤️👍

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A-Magic-SandwhichHobbyist Writer
I used an autoclicker on her and accidentally made an eldritch horror.
Bamboo-Ale's avatar
Bamboo-AleStudent Digital Artist

I saw. oh god but I think we fixed it now

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Carbon-VanillaHobbyist General Artist
I've tried to install this game on my laptop but I keep getting this message...

"Megumi Tribute has encountered an error and must close.

A crash report named 'Crash_2019-11-19_032657' has been
generated. These files can be sent to oppaicon for analysis.
Would you like to open this folder now?"

Is there another way to install the game?
Bamboo-Ale's avatar
Bamboo-AleStudent Digital Artist

There is an update out, idk if its one of the things fixed

Carbon-Vanilla's avatar
Carbon-VanillaHobbyist General Artist
I'll give it a shot and inform you if there are any issues, thanks!
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