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A Crying Day
It had been one of those days when I had fucked up in every way possible.
A fight had started that morning with my significant other over the stupidest things. I ended up crying at work, which led to me spending more money than I should. Of all things, I forget to buy cat food for our two hungry cats. I ended up spilling maple syrup all over the floor at work after they just scrubbed the floors. The ride home from work would've been fine if I hadn't forgot my bag in my friend's car, on top of forgetting the cigarettes I was getting my boyfriend as an apology.
The list could go on. I had lost it for the fourth time today, and my face was red, eyes were puffy, and tears continued to pour down my cheeks. Sniffling and sobbing, I felt a soft hand neatly dabbing my tears. It wasn't a normal feeling anymore, having my only character left who would scream at me to finally feel like they touched me. Zack never strayed no matter how much I'd shut everyone out.
" I don't like how you've been lat
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Winged Deer by Bambilove6543 Winged Deer :iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 3 1 DA:I Lillith by Bambilove6543 DA:I Lillith :iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 2 0 Princess Toadstool by Bambilove6543 Princess Toadstool :iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 3 1 .:Black Ice:. by Bambilove6543 .:Black Ice:. :iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 4 2 .:Collision:. by Bambilove6543 .:Collision:. :iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 4 3
.:Cinderella's Shoes:.
Finding the right pair was a journey
Breaking them in was easy
And now I'm left to walk
Forget where I've been
Start over again
My heart leads me down a path
I don't know if I can walk it
Because it might repeat the past
I'm tired of the same story
Cinderella losing another shoe
But these shoes keep me strong
Standing straight, walking tall
I tread through winter's snow
Up mountains and down slopes
Stopping only to breathe
Never again the slipper
Easily broken and for all to see
I've become stronger
He's become the army boots
I need to keep me marching
Going to the next chapter
Another journey for us
We don't know how to do it
But we'll figure it out
One step at a time
:iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 1 0
.:A Song from Zack:.
I had someone
They're a song 
They're in my heart
With darkness falling
I'm left with this strum
This beat
It's her's alone
Without someone
Emptiness around her
And I found myself
In the darkness too
Trying to find her
With only this strum
This beat
and it's her's
Where are you?
Where am I?
We're lost, love
Lost in darkness
Are we who we used to be?
Things change, people too
Lives change when things
All I have is this guitar
This voice
All I see is darkness
My tears fall into the void
And I cry
I cry
For someone
I always wish to be saved
Heroes have no one to catch them
So I'm left to wither away
Into the music 
to the strum
To the beat
Of what I used to be.
:iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 2 1
.:Can't Save You:.
I know what you'll be
You'll become nothing for me
But a memory
I'm not who you want
Not what you need
Yet you come to me
I can't save you
I know your fate
It is my namesake
You won't pick me
Addiction will feed
And I will plea
Think of her
She needs your care
Why do you dare?
I can't save you
I know your fate
It is my namesake
I'll see you fly
I hoped you wouldn't die
Of course I'll cry
She'll have nothing
Not after you left rotting
The angel left you falling
I can't save you
I know your fate
It is my namesake
I'll walk on my own
I won't postpone
I'd rather be alone.
:iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 1 0
Mature content
.:It Burns:. :iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 1 0
Mature content
.:Beginning Love:. :iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 1 0
.:I'm Done:.
Face in a computer
I scan and read the words
You are the stream of letters
Reality is gone and done with
Imagination flows when it's sent
And then I realize how much time
I've wasted on a screen
He keeps the world intact
Reality reminds me of its presence
Life sucks, but I'd rather stay
So I don't have to pretend
That what I have is mine
:iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 1 0
.:Attention Span:.
I can write so much better when you're not there
I can draw so much better when you're not there
It's not that I don't need you, Dear!
But, My Muse, can't you see you're all I can think of when you're next to me?
Words cease meaning, and creativity is flown out the window
because your ideas are so much more important
You are important
When other people speak
I don't know what they say, not a word
Because your face and expression to the conversation is what grabs me
So, Lovely
When my inspiration increases to the point I'm bursting
I need to be alone
I need to work, and strive for what has been my life long before you
But please, Babydoll, please
Don't think I desert you if I ask for hours on of you behind a screen
While I find the words for things that I can't process with you near
Your beauty, your body, your mind...
Woman, you force your attention in my entire soul
And sometimes, you aren't even paying attention to me at all
And while I have become the worst thing to happen to your p
:iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 1 0
I met him with a greeting
Sad eyes masked behind jokes
And all I wanted right then
Was to see a sincere smile
And hold his hand
The walls in my head cracked
Separated by personalities
Engulfed by someone not me
He found me deep inside
And said hello
My breath was taken
I greeted him back with relief
But I was once again another
I didn't know who was me.
I was Bambi first
Bubbly, friendly, and full of life
It was hard not to be interested
He kissed my cheek shyly
And gave me back my name
I was Zack second
Ambitious, artistic, and always happy
Even when at the lowest of lows
He smiled and wrapped around me
And showed us we're the same
I was Havok third
Strong, Lost, and craving for control
Still alot to learn, still growing up
He held my hand, guiding me
Telling us we're the same
I was Zeke fourth
Angry, quiet, and not a positive note
No one can get inside, no can get out
He picked the lock, yanking me outside
I found that we're the same
I was Shay fifth
Flirtatious, beautiful, and sexua
:iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 1 0
.:Rouge:. by Bambilove6543 .:Rouge:. :iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 1 1 FreckleFace by Bambilove6543
Mature content
FreckleFace :iconbambilove6543:Bambilove6543 0 0


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I'm a girl with a lot of empty spaces in my head and heart. All I'm trying to do at the moment is move forward and become what I always wanted to be: an artist. I made a few choices that changed my life, and I choose what my heart says before thinking logically. I think I'm a good person...I'm just very naive, childish, and don't think before I speak. I hope my work makes you happy, and if it doesn't, well, you can leave if you'd like. If you ever give me a note or anything, I'll answer as fast as I can. I'm always eager to make friends ^w^


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