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Dec 13
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One Final Journal
I'm so sorry an accident happened and my computer screen cracked i can't see part of my screen it may be my last days as BaltoSaturn i believe that my Computer is breaking down i will be using Discord from now on My new Discord Tag is ToyotaFlame#4486 I'm so sorry i dont know what else to do i can't fix my computer I'm so sorry I'll miss all of you you guys are the best friends i could ever ask for and You'll always be with me in my heart hugs you tightly you guys are the  best You've made my life on DA and my life in general worth living You guys have always been there when i needed you you understood me and stuck with me through thick a
Good News
My computer is finally charging again praise the lord I'll see you guys again soon i just need to get myself some food
I'm sorry my Computer wont Charge anymore
i'll have to go away for a while i dont understand why but my computer wont charge I'll miss you guys very much cries You'll always be with me in my heart


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thank you so very much for the watch! Thanks for everything! 
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Emperor-CatVI|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello again baltosaturn!

Thanks, again. 
I am glad to see you support my drawings 
That's why I have one more favour to ask of you, my friend.
If it is not too much trouble, can you take some time to subscribe to my youtube channel? 
I want to make it as a freelance artist and I think youtube is the way to go.
That's why if you do subscribe to my channel, don't forget to click the notification bell to get notified whenever I post an art tutorial

I make tutorials because I want to repay your kindness for supporting me :D 
I want to give back to you, and our community

Here is the link :… :happybounce:

If you are hesitant, I understand. 
I might often sound too straighforward and I apologize if this comment inconveniences you. 
If you just want a sample of what Kind of videos I make, here (profile tutorial, step by step) :
Thank you again, I really do mean it. And would love to have you join my youtube family, baltosaturn!
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Jay-Winter|Student Writer
Thanks for the watch =3 
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Thanks for the watch =3 
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Howlingmist13|Student General Artist
Emoticon - Pingy Thank You! for the Fella Watch (Badges)~! Welcome to my ever growing howling pack~! please join our discord server and help us make it more livily~ if it doesnt work let us know well send you a new link~
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OpalThePhantomLemur|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there!!! Thabks for the fave and the watch, mate!!!!
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Ilove-MLP18|Hobbyist Digital Artist
buddy please help me! I cant log in in discord i miss you, but i cant log in in discord :( I feel so bad i wanna log in but i cant in discord what can i do now, please reply back please
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