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Tony Stark - Game of Thrones

I like to mesh things, and this is part of a Confused with Avengers series i started (I promised no more avenger pieces but i can't stop)

This is Tony Stark, I think he is one of the distant relatives of the Stark Family from Game of Thrones.

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Iron Man Twitter emoji :Brace yourselves. Thanos is coming.

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XD OMG HAHAHA I never noticed that
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When i first discovered the starks i knew there would be a pun of this
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Nice artwork!!! We actually animated the same idea in our video House Stark Revenge. Check it out, I hope you like it?…
Wielding the REPULSER BLADE!!!!!!!!
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Love it! I just painted Tyrion, check it out if you want! :D
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The White Walkers won't have a chance!
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This is cool and hilarious at the same time lol great job!
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Lmao 😂😭😂😭😂
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the strange thing is i would pay good money to see him in GOT great job Bra! really cool stuff  
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nice crossover : D
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LAG MY IN MY POESDevilish  EVIL Laughter! 
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When the funny thing is that he acts more like a Lannister, I believe.
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Lol! This reminds me of the cartoon where Iron Man is aiming at Joffrey and says "My name is Anthony Stark. You killed my brother. Prepare to die."
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