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Boba Fett x Grumpy Cat

This is part of my Multi-Verse Series, Basically a futuristic world that is created after all the fictional worlds implode.

This Boba Fett and his companion Grumpy Cat. Fett has armed himself with as many canons and armor as possible, The top two are controlled by Grumpy cat. These two are basically a two man wrecking crew.

hope you like
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now all boba fett needs now is some actual dialogue and purpose to the plot XD
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He had purpose! He found the Millenium Falcon, killed IG-88, captured Han Solo, and gave him to Jabba, setting up the next film.
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That is badass:-)
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I'm gonna get somebody to build me one of these
BalthaZarDragon's avatar
let me know if you do
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Sure thing 😜
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Coool newest armor and weapon ^^
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You're welcome ^^
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This is almost to awesome 
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dear george lucas....
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Is Grumpy Cat wearing the Ruby Slippers?
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Are you gonna watch Grumpy Cat's new movie on Lifetime called Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever Starring Aubrey Plaza as the one and only Grumpy Cat
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I think you will like it
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Would love to see this Boba Fett design without that stupid cat! 

Great work on the Fett costume. I love it.
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