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SSJ Goku uses Blast Fist! It's super effective!

Vegeta fainted!
This is going to be one of SSJ Goku's special moves, entirely based on his move of the same name in Super DBZ.
You can also view this animation on my Mugen page: [link]
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How can i download these on iphone 7 for background(which moves)
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Dude you better get your ass into doing a game with this, it's an ORDER!
PS: Why are Vegeta's arms light blue?
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You're WAAAYYYY behind. Both Goku, SSJ Goku and Vegeta are done and downloadable right now for Mugen.
Vegeta's blue arms are just for color seperation.
Just head over to the mugen page I put in the image description above and learn more.
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Dude, Mugen kiiiiiiiiinda sucks... What I meant is a legit game made solid by this guy
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can i have sprite sheet :D
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aww :O

still awesome on mugen though ^^ this is my fave add on yet

keep up the good work dude :D
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i sish i could download these sprites :D
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how did you do the vegeta zoom animation?
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I used zooming in in Photoshop, then too a PrintScreen to snap that, and pasted it in the original file.
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Thanks Balthazar, I admire your works XD!!!
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SO unbelievably cool, man! Well done! :D
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Tiger Uppercut! Nice one buddy! Im back! I was sick! :D
Why is vegeta's arms/chest blue?
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That is just color seperation. In the character we included plenty of palettes, and his original outfit colors are also available.
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iii liiiiiiiiiiike that !!!!!shooooooryuuken
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