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EDIT: Now on EQD! Neato - Thanks, ponies!
Illustration of Canterlot for an upcoming chapter of a ponyfic I'm writing:…

Didn't really plan this out and just started painting... There are a few things that are wonky but I don't care.

People never make the city look big enough, I think. Doesn't it have a goddamn hedge maze? And a racetrack?

Supposedly Canterlot is based on Minas Tirith, but it always makes me think of another high-altitude magic castle:…
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Looks like something that would fit in Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

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This is just amazing!! 
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This is absolutely incredible I love it 

it looks slightly steampunk :D
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OH..MY...GOD.. This is FRICKIN AWESOME! Keep up the awesome work! Also, what art program did you use to draw this masterpiece?
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They are helped by Imperial of Mankind!
God Emperor signed treaty alliance with princess sparkle! 
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Canterlot looks much bigger in this than some of the other pics i seen. On show or some screen captions it doesnt look very big. Infact in a way has slight jrpg look to it. ^^

All you need to do is bash it up a bit, add some pink and you have the PERFECT Fallout Equestria version to end all versions. XD

(is it okay if I use this for reference in an animation I'm doing?)
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Sure thing, go hog wild!
THANK YOU so much. XD This is going to be incredible, I'll credit you well. ;-D
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Holy mother of awesome...

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Haha, thanks!  Glad you approve!
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this visualization is simply incredible
it is more like something from Final Fantasy or one of the more darker fim-fic like  Fallout: Equestria or Celestia Code (and sequels)

heh, yeah Chrono Trigger :-D seems we are on same wave here
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Glad you like it, it was a lot of fun to do.  I didn't really plan it, it just sorta came out this way.
And hell yeah Chrono Trigger.
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I think I know why people never make the city look big enough:

The sense of scale depicted here is a little too huge to easily wrap one's head around.
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I like this.  A sort of Science-Fantasy Canterlot.  And I can even see where those stained-glass windows are.
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I like this Canterlot a lot more then one they show in the actually TV show. It look like a smarter design, a realistic design...well at least realistic as you can get in a fantasy world. ^_^;;;
Balthasar999's avatar
Thanks, that's kinda what I was going for!
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So how long this took you to get done? =3
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About 3 evenings.
RedW0lf777sg's avatar
Hmm...I see, I see. So what made you came up with this idea of designing Canterlot this way? =3
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