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Nautilus WIP 1

This is the start of my Nautilus design. This is just the basic design with the color added. much more detail will be involved in her creation, but tell me what you think of it so far.
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Number 1: nice design. Nice new take on a classic. Number B - yes, they were called "screws" but that was just the old name for "propeller" - they never used helical "screws" like wood screws! But, "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (and one dead lady)" got it wrong, too. =( Number III: the text describes a retractable conning tower and a powerful electric searchlight. Numbre quartre : Good placement of the ram. The text's description of the Nautilus as "spindle-shaped" put the ram too low to match the wound made in the Abraham Lincoln. Finally, good placement of the salon viewport - she could cruise the surface but Nemo'd still have a swell view of his underwater realm.