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A Starfleet Christmas

Merry Christmas from Starfleet
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Ah! I found this on Pinterest ages ago--I'm so glad to finally have the source! Definitely a wallpaper to make any Trekkie's Christmas more merry. :D
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I'd been looking for this, as I'd seen it on a friend's page and decided it was the necessary wallpaper to put on my laptop for the season. Hooray for deviantart, I found you.  :-) 
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LOL. Glad you like it. :)
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In case you don't already know how awesome this is...

I'm about to put out my first RPG rulebook... right before Christmas... it's public domain (just a PDF)...

...and you have CC'd this. THANK YOU! [link]
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Would you have anything against someone using this to promote a Star Trek event because I've seen it somewhere before.
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Go ahead. Be my guest.
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No, I meant would you mind if someone put it up and didn't credit you, because there is a star trek event that did that and I thought it cheeky of them :)
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Yes I would mind.
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live long and prosper dude this rocks
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Awesome! Snagging. :D
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Thank you. Go ahead. :)
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Glad you like. :)
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Combines two of my favorite things!
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:santa: Hohoho all i want from the replicator...
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Usually, my desktop wallpaper is black with the the Federation logo, but this spreads so much Christmas glee that I just have to use it. :D Thanks a lot :-)
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My pleasure, and you are very welcome. :)
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Awesome. Is now my Christmas wallpaper ^^;
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Kewl, thanx!! :)
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This is so cool! (No pun intended ) :santa:
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Thanx! I felt Starfleet ought to join the holiday festivities.
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I really like this! Love to see it on a Christmas ornament. :heart:
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